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Has anyone found any viruses when downloading from gamemodel.ru

  • I just heard a story of a guy finding a few viruses when downloading models from gamemodel.ru. Has anyone else found virues?

  • @maybach123
    I recommend you to scan with you computer virus scanner.
    and use https://www.virustotal.com Before opening any script / model from the internet.
    This way you are 100% you are safe.

  • @yeahhmonkey does it scan rar files? Because i did try to upload something and it scanned it but said the file was empty

  • @maybach123

    yes, it scans .rar file's if you send me the file you was trying to scan i could scan it for you.
    and send you the screens so you could see if it's safe of not.

  • Virustotal cannot be trusted IMO. It showed the angry planes mod as harmless.

  • @Akila_Reigns

    Did it?

    How are you so sure?
    before the angry plane mod, admin never talked about virus total.
    after the angry plane mod he made something and tells us he is now scanning with virus total if i remember.

    But how. How the *** All starts behind xD
    How did they made a script that steals password but all virus scanners didn't notice them.

    before you answer.

    I don't want to know how, But it's strange that when you pay for antivirus, use a website to dubble scan and they all just ignore it.
    isn't that strange, Because you never know what will have a virus then..

    If this is really the case, that the angry bird mod didn't show as a virus on virus total and virus scanners we have to do something about this.

    We have to make a topic, And let people vote for there virus free mods.

    I vote. That every script, every lua. everything needs to have a source code.
    they don't have to see it. But lets say if you send the source code working to admin,
    admin checks the code rebuild it or you know finish it so we can have a safe website i vote yes.

    Sorry for giving you work admin :D

  • I'm guessing Angry Planes was a .asi and if it was well then there's your answer

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