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RHD cars broken

  • So, the problem is that RHD cars are broken for me. Character is standing in the driver's seat, doesn't hold steering wheel,I can't toggle first person mode and I can't exit the car. Only time when character holds the steering wheel is when idle animation starts or when you start to aim. But it happens randomly and I can't see what is causing the problem.
    For example we have 3 cars: Supra, Silvia and Lancer and all of them are RHD.
    Situation 1: I spawn Silvia and it works just fine, no problems, then I spawn Supra and it's broken, I spawn Silvia again and now it's broken too.
    I restarted the game.
    Situation 2: I spawn Silvia and it's instantly broken, I spawn Supra it's broken too, I spawn Lancer and it works just fine
    So anyone have ideas what can cause the problem and how to fix it? I've been trying to fix it for hours now. I shortened my dlclist because it had more than 400 lines, I updated the game and don't know what else I can try.

  • @Exodarken possibly modkit conflicts?

  • @JohnFromGWN what do you mean? Sadly I'm not a pro in modding so...You mean car IDs or something else? If so, that's might be the problem, because I have different Silvias, some are RHD and some are LHD, but their folder names and dlclist names are different anyway.

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