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PED swimming problem in menyoo

  • Hello. I have a question about PED in menyoo object spooner. I want to create action: PED jump to water and is swimming. I use dive animation to ped, ped jump to water, but ped is automatically go out from water, if he/she fall/jump to water. How can I disable automatic go out from water for PED? Can I disable it? I create my custom movie, but I can´t record this scene, because ped is still go out from water. Please help me, how can I do it? Disable automatic going out from water for PED. Thank you.

  • @pat000 Task sequences do a good job but if you're serious about "movie scripting" you'll have better success and flexibility by learning how to write dot net scripts.

    If you don't have a Task in Menyoo to do what you want then scripting is the only alternative.

    In your specific example you might use freezing the ped, although they still move, pause and use post processing but a machinima expert will have better advice.

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