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[MAP][WIP] Classic Red & White Barn

  • Hey I created a MLO through a request here of the "Classic Red & White Barn" and made the doors usable.
    Just need to place more props and fix the texture bug on the doors.

    After that it will be available for download on 5Mods for SP | Alt:V | FiveM.

    Here are a few pictures:
    alt textalt textalt textalt textalt text

    If you know what the reason for the texture bug is, please write it below.

    • WolfCustoms

  • @WolfCustoms very well done! It even makes me want to create a farm mod.

  • @WolfCustoms looks good. Did you use North Yankton barn as the base model?

  • @JohnFromGWN No, Interior was inspired by through Google images.

  • @WolfCustoms those are classic barns. Will definitely install.

    Sorry can't help with texture issues and unfortunately they are also influenced by game versions and other factors as are interiors appearing or not appearing. Not to mention falling thru map collision issues.

  • @JohnFromGWN all right yet thank you :)

  • Short update: The MLO is ready and works on Alt:V and FiveM.... only with the SP the old collision of the Barn exists although I have edited the collision file in 3ds.

    I'm looking for a fix. then it will be uploaded to 5Mods.

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