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Search functionality improvement (or fix?) [site feedback]

  • Hello,

    this post is mainly directed to the developers of the website. So if a moderator/Admin could pass this info to them it would be appreciated.

    So, I have noticed that searching for mods will only return results based on the mod title. Although this makes sense, it is possible for inexperienced modders or not to end up using a title that is little to no useful for the search function.

    For example, I found the following mod called kevin [Add-On Ped]. This is a ped model mod which adds Kevin from the Ben 10 franchise. Although the person who posted it mentions "Ben 10" in their mod description the search results would not return it. So I suppose the search term is only associated with the title. I can see why you may not want to associate it with the description (as this may return results that don't necessarily have anything to do with what the user is looking for (for example searching for ScriptHook would return other mods based on ScriptHook) but I would definitely find it a lot better if the search functionality in the example above would return all mods that mention "Ben 10" in the description.

    I hope this helps on improving the website!

  • @Scrap-E Given the search function is really hit or miss, and from previous posts it is highly unlikely the Search function will be updated, it really is up to the author to use the proper key words.

    Thankfully the best mods can be viewed by filtering by downloads, while all the crap sinks to the bottom.

    Here is a tip. I no longer use the Search function in the mods section. I use Google or DuckDuckGo and enter GTA5 mod keyword.

    Works pretty much 100% of time and will also find mods like LC which aren't here.

    Instant hit on your Ben 10 franchise


    Or Kevin


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