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Fixes and changes about Malibu Mansion

  • I was really loved the detail in 1.0 version of Malibu Mansion where you can look through from inside to outside and vice versa but saw in the 2.0 version this feature limited to only seeing the outside from the inside.

    But the 2.0 version was brought a lot of new thingies so I couldn't just decide to revert back to 1.0 and decided to bring this feature back from 1.0 along with some additional changes too.

    I asked him in the comments would it be ok if I upload but haven't heard from him since...

    So as I was browsing through other MLOs I saw some fixes been done for Malibu Mansion such as mirrors, scenarious .. and in the comments (to my understanding) @BigShaqNOKetchup gave a general permission to people who doing fixes to his mod. (if I'm not wrong).

    Then I thought about just uploading mine but I don't wanna go against the rules either nor disrespect his decision in case if my understanding/assumption was wrong and also since mine wasn't exactly a fix but bringing back a removed feature from the old version...

    So I wanted to ask here like how would it be if I decide to upload this modified version or shoud I even decide it at all to begin with ..

    The changes are;

    • Made interior visible from outside (removed the fake curtain textures and replaced them with glass)
    • Made plants static so they don't tip over.
    • Added some custom textures to paintings.
    • Removed the barriers and their collusions from main entrance door and driveway that ends at the garden.
    • Also added some glowing lights around the building and a few garden props, chimes... in external ymap.
    • Added a boat, jetski (at the dock) and golf car (brought from old version) (at the driveway) as CarGen.

    I can remove any of these of course if either of them shouldn't be uploaded without a direct permission.

    Here are some screenshots if you would like to take a look :slight_smile:


  • @MissySnowie Nice!! I like features from 1.0 and 2.0. I miss the 1.0 red exterior.

  • @gtavjamal Thank you so much :blush: I hope I will be allowed to share this with everyone :blush:

    I will try also bringing back the red exterior as well. That should be only taking texture and putting them to 2.0 version anyway, just need to find all of them and add to the new one by replacing the existing ones :slight_smile:

  • @MissySnowie Yeah impressive work and dope idea combining the best of both versions into one definitive version.

    The white exterior is very nice too. I like the red especially, gives it a unique old school 60's / 70's type vibe.

    Either way if you are able to share or not it's the thought that counts so thanks regardless.

  • @gtavjamal Thank you so much :blush: Happy to say that BigShackNOKetchup kindly gave me permission to upload the modified version :blush: I will upload it in a few days now <3

  • @MissySnowie Muchas gracias mi amigo! I currently only have 2 map mods in my game and this is one of them because it's soooo good! Your definitive version improves upon what seems to be perfection! Thanks again!!

  • @gtavjamal I have uploaded the mod yesterday, still waiting for the approval :)

    You can download it from here once it's approved :blush:


  • @MissySnowie Thanks!! Really looking forward to this one! Now the wait is like countdown to Christmas lol.

  • @gtavjamal Yeah haha :sweat_smile: Not sure why it is taking so long, maybe slipped through their eyes I guess :thinking: :D I will write it in the mod approval page if it's not get approved until tomorrow :rofl: :rofl: At least we have that page :see_no_evil:

  • @gtavjamal It's finally approved :D :see_no_evil: Enjoy :blush:

  • @MissySnowie Apologies been out the loop. Hell yess!! Been soooooo looking forward to this. I know it's gonna be guaranteed 5 stars. Thanks!!!

  • @gtavjamal Oh no worries at all :see_no_evil: :blush: I'm really so happy it is working great in you and no performance issues either :blush: and thank you so so so much for all the nicey things you said :blush: :blush:

  • @MissySnowie Yeah thanks again!! The best way I can sum up your improvements is it's got soul now. Looks alive and happy! Btw. Love how you replaced the Jackie Chan pic! Ftr. Prior to your mod in a cheap attempt to re-decorate I tried every single explosive type weapon on that Jackie Chan pic and no effect other than a bit of black smoke lol. Then tried to edit the texture file but had no clue how to edit the model file.

  • @gtavjamal Lol hahahhaha :sweat_smile: Poor Jacky :DDD

    For the texture replacement, I am using Photoshop with Intel Texture Works plugin. You can download the plugin (for opening DDS files) from https://gametechdev.github.io/Intel-Texture-Works-Plugin/ .

    You can save the texture as DXT1 format if it doesn't has any transparency. DXT5 if it has transparency.

    There is also A8 format (it's not avaliable in the plugin). For that, you can save the pic as PNG and then select A8 format while importing it to OpenIV. That format comes with a good and bad effect. Good side is it is very high quality and smooth textures, there won't be any greenish artifacts on the texture that can be seen with DXT formats (especially on the dark areas). The bad side is the texture size is almost quadrupled :sob: :sob:

    For peds, it is good to use A8 textures, at least on the skin to have a smooth looking skin. but in cars and thingies like painting and such you should use DXT1 format instead. Although for some reason, some paintings, also car dashboard and TV screens may have glitched mixed colors when you use DXT format, some TVs can even crash the game. So in those cases you need to use A8 format instead :( I couldn't able to figure out why it is happening like this :(

  • @MissySnowie Muchas gracias mi amigo that's some great info!! I'll keep that in mind.

  • @gtavjamal if missy is a woman then it is amiga.

  • @JohnFromGWN You are absolutely right dawg. However I say it in a way that I call everyone as guys etc. More gender neutral intended. For example a group of guys = guys, a group of girls = guys, mixed guys and girls = guys. Easier too. lol.

  • @gtavjamal no hay problema. This is a masculine word but ends like a feminine one. So you say un problema but una amiga.

    If you enjoyed my Spanish tips, please hit the like button, subscribe, hit the bell, and give me money on my patreon site. I accept bitcoin, food stamps, and leaked mods.

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