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Kill the President Mods

  • Just curious on how American members feel about these mods given the regular mass shootings there - you know the ones where the shooter tells everyone in the world on Facebook and Twitter and Instagram and other social media outlets that he is preparing for a mass killing, but nobody listens, nobody reports it.

    Personally, and that's just my opinion, i find them offensive asF - more than the requests for nude versions of every single female ped.

    Sure, GTA5 is about as violent as it gets - but are these mods in bad taste in today's environment?





  • Meh, those are just shitty menyoo maps. Tbh, I think a script mission for Trevor where you have to kill the president could be interesting

  • My take. I respect ones opinions on such matters absolutely so whatever I say is meant with the utmost respect.

    Personally I am desensitized to almost everything if I am being totally honest.

    In terms of forum censorship unfortunately its a grey area and will likely and ultimately end in either as is now or extreme censorship with a lot less mods.

    GTA is just the type of game to invite offensive mods and will potentially always be associated with negative acts.

    Like heavy metal music back in the day being the devil etc.

    Ftr. I support Trump so for those who use these kill president mods I hope nobody will use them in an anti Trump manner but hey it's your GTA game so you do you.

  • @JohnFromGWN Well, the only thing I find offensive is American government is being funded by gun industury along with other rich people which is why they are all above the law. Which is why no president can ever bring a real gun control because the president is also a puppet of them. Nothing but a symbol to the country ..

    In USA 11 thousand people are shot every year, in UK it's only 300. Why? Because the UK doesn't have guns. People don't have gun. Period...

    So being such a lousy puppet and hiding behind an office desk with a bunch of symbolic stuff, to speak honestly I wouldn't mind the stuff that would happen to them. But on the other hand, of course I feel very deeply sorry for all those actually innocent people are being the victims... but of course, the true criminals are never get effected by such actions ..

    Then here it comes the extensively insane amount of bullying occurs in schools. In where I live, I was also went to a school full of bullies because our financial situation couldn't let us afford a better school, and yet when I grew up and saw the type and intensity of bullying in the schools at USA, it's no wonder why people going haywire too. Of course I can never know their backgrounds nor the reasons pushed them doing such horrific shits but I do know one thing, a child's personality shapes when he/she is young.

    Such mods I find offensive as well, but not just because they involve a presidential assasination or a shooting. But because they are just violent things to begin with and in such a cruel world like this we live in, we don't need any more violence even if it's just in games... For sane people, violence in games can be something quite irrelevant, but the amount of people with no intact sanity is bigger than the sane ones and don't think it only is limited to gun violence. Once upon a time when I was going through very difficult times, I was used to go up to the mount chilliad and jump from the cliffs and watch my character turn to a pancake. If I didn't had some logic and sanity left, this could have caused an effect of me being ready for this and pushed me doing it in the real life too. Luckily for me, I had the chance and help of a few people around me and I got out of it. But what about the ones that are not lucky as I was?....

    I don't believe violence in video games are the reason of violences in real life, otherwise all those stupid religion wars and 2 world wars would never had happened. But there is no denying these games and also mods that encourage violence can be a pushing and reasoning factor for many people to take these to real life ..

    For all I can say, if there is anything we truly need in today's world right now, it is love and peace...

  • @Aurora11 it's gun control but it's also cultural. Canadian cops have guns but they rarely shoot first, ask questions second.

    The NRA gives millions to elected officials like Cruz which as you surmised is the reason the US will never have adequate gun control laws. The constitution is only used as an excuse.

    I don't believe that violent video games influence people to the point of going postal. However I do believe that modders should show some sensitivity. I didn't care for the Russian military mods coincidentally appearing just as the Ukraine was invaded.

    Honestly would it be respectful to create a mod, as a hypothetical example, called ULSA massacre, where masked NPCS and the player gun down all the students and teachers?

    This would just fuel the fallacious premise that video games are warping the minds of kids.

  • As always no disrespect intended with what I say.

    Despite the lies of the mainstream media the world is waaay past the point of being offensive. It's long been all about power and who has the power.

    Real talk. With or without GTA V the shootings will still occur. Assuming violent games do have a big enough influence To make a legit change literally all violent games would need to be banned. Also all violent movies, tv shows and music too. Marylyn Mason has been blamed for school shootings. Basketball Diaries has been blamed for another school shooting lol. All part of the pc brainwashing bs.

    Lets say violent entertainment was officially blamed and banned before you know it we are living in a strict nanny controlled state.

    I've grown up surrounded by guns and gun violence. Realistically I wouldn't have it any other way. I have zero faith in who the cops ultimately take orders from (ie those behind the curtain).

    The US gun shooting stats are up there but the idea of cops having all the power and citizens being totally unarmed would be my nightmare!!! In such a reality if they so decide they could have us marching single file down the street hands behind the head as slaves. As we know gun removal wont make a difference to the criminals Just the good citizens will be unarmed and at the mercy of the cops / government. Personally I am absolutely all for gun rights to at least remain as they are..

    As for presidential puppets absolutely! However it is my belief that Trump was one of the only non-presidential puppets working against those behind the curtain but that's another big tangent topic.

  • @JohnFromGWN Well like I said, take Wolfenstein game for example. If you play it's uncensored version or censored version, it would make no difference for you. Same with many other Germans as well. but for some radicals, it would be a driving factor playing the uncensored version of the game. Their influence are not direct but rather subliminal, but it is a great influence unfortunately.

    I was once played a game (it was free so I wanted to try it out, didn't even know it's topic). In this game instead of like American propaganda games, you are playing as a religous terrorist who kills American troops on rural areas, mostly inspired from and resembles middle eastern countries. Now this game had no effect to me, I was bored of it after a while anyway since it was repetitive and quite basic game, not even like Battlefield 2. but for an extremist person, this might be qutie encouraging and even more so a training platform to get themselves mentally prepared for it.
    Because even killing a single human in real life isn't something so easy. But in a situation like that, you can't hesitate. So the only way for it is to prepare to it and do many trainings supported by brainwashes. This is why I'm against such violent games.

    It's kinda similar like guns. Give me an automatic assault rifle with grenade launcher, and it would die from dust and rust in a closet. But give someone a BB Gun, he goes out and freaks the hell out of people. Give the same guy a real handgun, you need to be prepared for a lots of body bags... This is why proper background checks are very important.

    @gtavjamal I agree that so many US cops are truly bloodthirsty murderers. I have seen that from lots of police activity videos on YouTube. Of course there are lots of nicest ones I have seen as well and I am proud of them. Because in USA, it is very difficult to be a nice cop. Once upon a time I was watched a rubber duck training being conducted on trainee cops. The long story short, a moron cop showing a very funny looking yellow rubber duck that makes super funny noise when squished and if any of the trainees even slightly smiles, a shit head female cop punishing them.

    Now tell me, would you be prefered to be pulled over by one of the cops that were laughed there or the ones stood like a stone...

    However I don't think cops would just arm themselves to turn every citizen to slaves either. Some may fantasize the idea definetly but couldn't pull that off.

    Spreading guns all over to everyone also makes criminals very very easily reach out to those guns as well. and in a real fire fight, most of the citizens with guns just decides to run away. It's not a risk they see worth taking when someone starts shooting... So yeah unfortunately if they would start closing gun stores and banning selling guns, it wouldn't be so easy for a teenage guy to just pay a few bucks and buy a gun... So that arming good samaritans from teeth to toe never actually works in a real situation. It's just an excuse used by the gun industry to justify selling guns, one of them called NFL which goes out and kills innocent elephants and calls it a FUCKING "SPORT" !! Why not go play paintball with real guns and kill each others instead?? But oooohh, hell no! Because every single human defends gun industry is either active or passive MONEY PROFIT to them. And you think they just do this only as a sport? No. They first lure elephants especially curious baby elephants with toys and food, thinking they are here to give them food and love. and when they get close enough, they are been given a bullet on their head. Then all those motherfuckers are laughing, even mocking with their dead bodies heartbreakingly lying on the ground covered in blood. So FUCK gun industry and everyone else who supports them despite knowing the truth and reality. And actually you know what, fuck the clueless moronic idiots too. If they still haven't educated themselves in an age like this where you can access information free and so easily, they might as well depart from the planet and stop wasting it's limited scarce resources...

    I have never seen a good politican in my life. Trump was nothing but a clown brought to presidency by CIA. He even tried to make a solid American only country, just like Hitler. Fun fact is, he is not even a real American, just a trader originates from Germany who bankyrupted more than half of his assets... Biden is no better than him either. Bush was a war criminal. George Washington was a genocider and this list just goes on and on... The only president I maybe, just a BIG MAYBE would support was Obama (if I was American of course). For him trying to bring a health care. But of course, half of the people were against it. All thanks to perfectly brainwashing media founded and funded by the rich. And another fun fact, even my maybe 6th world middle eastern country has health care today, despite every shit going around. So yeah even if you don't have any money, no government hospital turns you away until you deposit the treatment fee. The private hospitals are a different story of course but they are not controlled by government and they are built to make profit, obviously they wouldn't have a single humanity nor a concious would have left in their stone cold hearts...

  • Hello friends, I find this a very interesting (and unexpected) debate.

    I have read and almost understood what you have said (sorry but I am Spanish and it is difficult for me).

    Before talking about the morality of some mods, I've always been struck by the very young audience that plays GTA.

    I don't know what countries you are from, except for John who told me once that he is Canadian, but it's funny how we can all see how our countries have become a heap of decadence and violence, where you can't question or doubt the official version, because you will be singled out.

    I am Spanish, and I am over 50 years old, I can tell you that for the first time in my life, I feel unsafe in my own country. Not for myself really, but for my children and younger relatives.

    Do I blame all this on video games? No man, no.

    Do I think that normalising certain behaviours that are seen almost daily today does lead to desensitisation of society? Yes.

    It's funny that in my head, GTA is an open world to mould to my liking, where I enjoy peaceful activities such as driving, fishing, hunting, and constantly looking for mods that allow me to perform such activities.

    But then I see the extreme violence with which kids play GTA, bragging about killing prostitutes, being gangsters or other such nonsense.

    Is it the game's fault?

  • Great discussion but my original thoughts weren't about GTA5 leading to real life violence or assassination. That's a great question but off topic. In passing, no, I don't believe video games lead to violence and I'm totally against this form of censorship.

    My original post was more about values, in this case I'll call it sensitivity. I'm wondering if mods like this are acceptable or should they be taken down,

    What made me think of this, is that in many cases, and this is true of the July 4th shooting spree, the shooter provided lots of clues on social media about his plans to kill. These plans were ignored, all the signals were ignored.

    Now I'm not saying the modder who thinks killing a president, and in Japan an ex president was just assassinated, is a psychopath or a sociopath, but what kind of individual thinks this is a good idea, and same applies to those who download.

    Again, is this in bad taste? Same applies to child ped mods. We all know that there are people who will download them to make RP families but there is also a small nefarious lot who download them for another kind of very sick game play. We recently had a likely member of this disgusting group on these forums.

    For what it's worth I think violence in GTA5 isn't an issue, but promoting presidential assassinations, given the sick society we all live in, should be left to the dark web.

  • Everything we are talking about here is related, because what is morality?

    "The philosophical discipline that studies human behaviour in terms of good and evil".

    And by the way, in my country they have removed the subject of philosophy from high schools. Is that a coincidence?

    I don't even want to think why many users want mods of naked, childish-looking peds. I really don't want to know.

  • @Aurora11
    Absolutely excellent point about the hunting of animals! That am am 100% against. High five!! However unless someone is legit vegan and against killing all animals then it's moot them speaking on this subject choosing one species being killed over another while they eat their Bg Mac combo lol. Ftr I am strict vegan for ethical reasons so have great interest in this subject.

    Of course removing guns would help somewhat but then would need to remove all hunting weapons including fishing rods, nets etc but oh no that's okay because our government and traditions allow it lol. It's along the lines of saying ban cars since cars cause many deaths and in the wrong hands can cause mass murder.

    My issue with cops goes much higher than ops levels. It's who they ultimately take their orders from. Essentially you are saying you trust the government with your well being etc. Your call and your right dawg.

    Lol Obama where to begin with that guy. Yeah ima big Trump fan and 100% for the 2nd amendment. It's a HUGE tangent topic to speak on on given this is not the right forum for this but I will say that I don't trust mainstream media. Trusting mainstream media is like believing the best friend of your enemy lol. I get my sources elsewhere. Regardless of whatever so called facts we believe ultimately we all do what we believe is right based on our own cocktail of interpretation / perception.

    With the utmost respect debates are useless. The chance of convincing others only happens if they are at least on the same wavelength otherwise its like 2 people speaking different languages at each other.

    Real talk. No offence with what I've said. I never mean to but i know I can trigger people easy. I am here for GTA V and I know you as a good dude who helped me with my GTA V issues a number of time. Thanks again dawg.

  • @gtavjamal Me too vegan as well since 4 years :sparkling_heart:

    Honestly I wouldn't had any problems with the removal of hunting weapons as well. Once upon a time was threw a poacher's fishing gear to sea too... Felt so happy :rose: For the cars, they are planet killers. and don't think this only about the petrol. All the trees being cut, all the mountains being dissolved to make roads, all the pollution even the long died cars still create and this list goes on and on... So wouldn't mind the car bans either honestly speaking ..

    You are completely right about who they are taking orders from. Most of them even forgetting they are human first, letting their stupid job define who they are...... and the government is just a liar in everywhere. Some says less some says more but none of them are honest ..

    Well I'm not a friend of Obama neither Trump so I can't speak much about them. I'm merely talking about what they do or tried to do. In that mention with Obama, I was talking about the healthcare and how more than half of the americans are against it thanks to the perfect brainwashing media... and media is also made from paid actors who couldn't get a job in movies or tv shows ..

    We are actually in the same page you and me. Or perhaps I couldn't express myself properly maybe but yeah, I'm not really against your ideas :D

    Thank you so much for great talk as well and happy to help with your GTA too as much as I can :blush: Of course I can't convince everyone and I respect others' decision, if I can't respect I understand to some extend... But yeah, in most times, there is nothing anyone can do for the lost cause anyway :sweat_smile: They sometime, very rarely but still sometimes get to learn the truth one way and see the life from it's reality side. Others, well they just stuck in their illusion loop forever, and governments and companies love those passive people...

  • @Aurora11 You are a good man Aurora11!!

    Yeah dawg in an ideal world I would be cool with a ban on guns if we could trust those in power. Unfortunately that's not reality and never will be without a scratch re-build / re-order of global human society and even then may not be possible due to human nature / tendency for corruption.

    Ftr. I grew up surrounded by guns. Gang violence etc. They got real guns too Ak's, UZI's etc. I have never known any to be licensed / store bought etc lol.

    I would be all for car removal too. Problem is humans would likely resort to abusing horses as done in history. Pushbike stat use could increase but many would be too lazy so horse powered would be the likely choice.

    A ban on hunting absolutely!! Animal hunters are serial killers. Of course denial, brainwashing, corrupted morals, twisted wordplay and it gets swept under the rug under the guise of being normal / morally fine. Only an evil species would allow such a thing to be so widely accepted. If this were a movie humans are the bad guys fo' sho fo' sho! Agent Smith from the Matrix said it best.

    Btw. If you don't use it already this mod is dope!! No more accidental road kills etc.

  • @gtavjamal @Aurora11

    I'm going to reveal the ugly secret about @gtavjamal .

    He's not vegan because he loves animals, he's vegan because he hates plants!

  • @JohnFromGWN Lol actually there is some truth to that! Flower pollen makes me sneeze like craaazy!!

  • @gtavjamal That is honestly very amazingly said :sparkling_heart: and you are such a good man too, wish there were many more of you :( :cry: :rose:

    and that scene in Matrix is super true, couldn't agree more...

    @JohnFromGWN LOL :sweat_smile: that was funny haha :rofl: but to being honest, surely that's also a part of it as well but being vegan isn't about loving animals. It's about refusing to hurt them <3

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