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Flags question/problem

  • Hello. I am creating in my game in Menyoo object spooner my custom scenario. I am learning, how use "Flags" in animation settings. I use for animation "UpperBody SecondTask StayInLastFrame" in Flag option. I can now combine 2 differently animations. In my case is it, she has crossed legs when is calling in phone. It is working. She really have calling animation and crossed legs animation in one. But I have problem now. I save my scenario in "Manage Saved Files" but if I load placements - load my scenario, she has leg normally in loop flag. And I must again set flag "UpperBody SecondTask StayInLastFrame" if I want had combined animations. If I save my scenario, I can´t save all setted animations flags? Why animations flags are resetted? Thanks for help.

  • This post is deleted!

  • Here is my problem. Can I save setted Flag too?

  • @pat000 ive done this through scripts but never with Menyoo. You'll need to test it yourself.

    Btw, if you open the Menyoo save, the xml file, you can see what it saved and also make edits directly.

  • How can I do it with scripts? I don´t know, how working with scripts. Exist some tutorial or something, where can I learn, how create it by scripts? Thanks for help.

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