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Rockstar Editor keeps crashing

  • My Rockstar Editor was working fine till yesterday. But recently, it has started crashing too much. When I edit a clip and exit it, it freezes right there. Then it crashes and some error pops up 'game memory error'.

  • @BetterBrock said in Rockstar Editor keeps crashing:

    But recently, it has started crashing too much.

    Think carefully what changes you recently made to your mods and modding environment. Also any windows changes. Very likely you changed something that is causing your increased crashes. Unlikely it developed a disease or new covid variant.

    GTA5 will leak memory if you load too many assets, particularly large complex ones. When that happens a reboot is the best way to free it back again as well as cached garbage.

  • @JohnFromGWN Ok thanks, I think I have understood the problem. Recently I had deleted about 700 clips from R* Editor, but the projects related to them are still there. I guess I'll have to delete them.

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