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best Gameconfig for actual version

  • Hi guys, pls can i ask what is the best gameconfig for actual game version? The best i ever tryed is infinity question's gameconfig, but on gta5 mods there isn't, and i've lost his link . Pls if there is a gameconfig bette let me know. Thank you so much , i very appreciate

  • @Animale The best gameconfig is the one that works for you. Every setup is different.

    Try any of these combinations.

    1. F7YO GameConfig with Heap Adjuster

    2. F7YO GameConfig with Heap Limit Adjuster

    3. Dilapidated GameConfig with Heap Adjuster

    4. Dilapidated GameConfig with Heap Limit Adjuster

    Pack File Limit Adjuster

  • thank you so much, i will try them, thanks again

  • @Animale He had a patreon but his discord invite link was paywall locked. Not sure did he change it later.

    Also can search on YouTube. There his discord link is public. Assuming the link is still valid. If not, well I guess you can comment under his videos, assuming his YouTube account still avaliable too... or is he still able to have time for discord, game, modding and all that .. Last time we talked he was having some difficulties with personal life stuff, hope he was able to got through them :(

  • thank you, it's really bad news, its gameconfig was monstrous, it supported a vehicle pack of nearly 2000 vehicles, and the frame rate never dropped, i don't know if it depends on the gameconfig, but since i had to update it game is less fluid when I am at speed on vehicles

  • I would like to use this post to explain one thing.

    I have F7YO GameConfig and my game works perfectly, but if I install the MLO pack from Ikon, the game doesn't load.

    They advise to change gameconfig to make it work.

    I install Dilapidated GameConfig and it works, but the game closes after a couple of minutes of playing.

    I preferred not to install that MLO, but my "problem" catches my attention.

  • @Fabito48hd

    I think there is a serious misconception out there that gameconfig mods are magic "one size fits all" bullets that will allow any combination and any quantity of mods on any system - all running in perfect harmony for hours on end. Not in my experience.

    First gameconfig.xml is not a modder's invention. It's a GTA5 file found in the game's common and update folders. Modders like F7YO and others do their best to tweak and fine tune this file - of course they do it on their own systems and as they say "results will vary".

    There are so many combinations of hardware, software, and mods - how would it be possible to satisfy all users.

    I'm using F7YO's previous version of the gameconfig because the new one doesn't work for me. How long does it take me to crash on my rig with the previous version? Well if I spawn one or two or 3 vehicle addons and the same number of addon peds, with RCA and Forests mods I can play for hours without crashing.

    If I spawn say 20 peds or 15 high polygon cars and even delete them in C# so that the models are no longer recognized, I'll crash in 5 to 30 minutes depending on which mods I've spawned. First I will notice a drop from 60FPS to 30 FPS, then I'll notice texture dropouts and finally it will just hang, game over.

    All that to say, it's better to try to manage your own game rather than expect a gameconfig mod perfectly suited for your rig and your mod set.

    There are many ways to mitigate crashing. Combine your packs, reduce your packs, temporarily disable some of your mods, or just be more selective as to what you install and keep.

    Game designers have a helluva challenge to manage memory allocation to different components of games with team members advocating for their fair share, and these memory constraints do not take into account modding, A few gaming companies like Valve with l4d, hl, CS, TF, etc. encouraged the community to mod and create their own levels, even supplying and supporting tools for that purpose. Rockstar only care about their IP and online users.

  • @JohnFromGWN This is very interesting and makes a lot of sense.

    Once upon a time I had a lot of problems keeping my game stable, now I have a lot of content installed and my game is running very well.

    I've only had the conflict mentioned in my other post, but I'd rather not change anything, if everything works fine.

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