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Watching Movies or Videos in GTA5

  • While this is possible to do in SP, it's a PITA and not well documented. I did it once converted to the .bik format.

    The best way to do this is to install a FiveM server which takes 10 minutes and another 10 minutes to configure it for video.

  • I would like to know how to do this. I get how you converted it but i have no idea what files you're replacing or what?

  • @ralph-wiggum you need to install a free FiveM server, mine is local/private, and install hypnonema which is also free.


    Beware of outdated videos wrongly saying you need a steamid, you don't.

    The wonderful thing about this approach is you can stream video on any of the hundreds of TVs in GTA5. To do this you need to input the name of the TV asset, called the Target, and then you give absolute coordinates for the location as well as coordinates for the proper placement.

    For example, in my video i used the default values for the default screen provided.

            PositionX = -1678.949,
            PositionY = -928.3431,
            PositionZ = 20.6290932,
            RotationX = 0,
            RotationY = 0,
            RotationZ = -140,
            ScaleX = 0.969999969,
            ScaleY = 0.484999985,
            ScaleZ = -0.1,


  • @ralph-wiggum there isn't any conversion in this process. The conversion process is to the bik format for single player and requires radtools and im not sure if you can create your own channel, i never tried, rather than an existing one.

    The video is for fxserver, does not require conversion and is incredibly simple, although coordinates for a different screen will require back and forth, at run time, to get the fit of the video on the screen correctly.

    Only issue with Fivem is you need to get your hands dirty. The "install Hypnonema" YT Videos tend to be outdated or not necessarily for your setup depending on whether you installed vanilla or txadmin. So best to follow the text only installation instructions.

  • @JohnFromGWN This can also be done in SP, right?

  • @BetterBrock not with Hypnonema.

    SP: convert movie to bik format using radtools and existing channel. Can you create your own channel? Don't know. Watch movie with Menyoo. Note you are replacing game video with yours, that’s why ideally, if possible, you want your own channel. I never researched this.

    FIVEM: no conversion, you stream compatible sources such as YouTube videos by entering the url. Video can be played on default Hypnonema screen in parking lot off Pier or on any of the hundreds of GTA screens.

  • @JohnFromGWN thanks for the info. Very helpful

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