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Doors disappearing on building I edit textures of!!!!

  • Hey, so basically I edited the textures of a building and replaced the files correctly and all.

    When I look at them in CodeWalker they look fine and the doors to the building are there. But when I go in game, the doors are missing.

    If you don't understand please let me know I am willing to explain further, thank you!

  • @grim77 Check the original format of the door texture in OpenIV. It might be A8 format. Also the CodeWalker and OpenIV are never exactly the same with game. For example if you make a model's texture transparent, it will look invisible in them no matter the status of alpha channel. But in game, if the alpha channel not enabled in the model, the model won't look transparent and the texture will load.

    So what I learned through my experience is CodeWalker and OpenIV are just tools that are helpful but very limited. I never really trust their results...

  • @MissySnowie they do work perfectly however with ytd and open format textures, at least thats been my experience changing clothes, billboards, and paintings, without needing to save as dds. Never any issues, but im talking existing mods, not those being textured in 3d software. This with OpenIV and Photoshop, not rpf explorer or codewalker.

  • @MissySnowie hey thanks for replying! i get what you mean, but the weird thing is I didn't even edit the door textures at all, just all the interiors of the fleeca bank. and im working on another mod right now that makes the Ammu-Nation textures better and the door is gone from that one too, even tho I didn't edit the door!!! But it shows in codewalker..

    thank you

  • @MissySnowie alt text

    As you can see, this is the Ammu-Nation texture replace im working on, and it looks fine in Codewalker, but in my game the doors are disappearing and I haven't even opened the door file.

  • @grim77 That's so weird indeed :thinking:

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