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Menyoo animations list

  • Hello. I have a one question about names of animations in Menyoo. If I click Animations I have some animations ready example: Situps, Pushups, pole dance, chilling with friends etc.... But some of them isn´t write alphabetically. And my question is. Can I rewrite this animations alphabeticaly, for easy finding? Because, I want example Chilling with friends, "C" is at start of alphabet, but in this list is this animation at the end of list this preready animations. Can I edit this animation list and rewrite it alphabetically?
    I hope, that you are understanding, my question. Thanks for your help.

  • @pat000 you can do this with your favourite animations. Just edit the xml.

  • Okey and can I in this .xml RENAME animations? Example name of animation is: "mini@hookers_sp". Can I rename to my custom name, for easy finding? Example: I want rename this anim to "hooker1". Can I do it? Thanks for help.

  • @pat000 no definitely not, you don't rename game animations. You can place them at the top for easy access. You can also organize your xml with comment headers but the will not display in Menyoo.

    Remember it is FavouriteAnims.xml you're editing.

    If you learn how to program, you can create your own animation menu with Lemonui and name the animations anything you want to display.

  • Hello. I download source file for Menyoo and in this file is "PedAnimations..cpp". I open it in notepad and there are written preready animations such as Chilling with frieds, Hood dance, etc. Here can I change animations alphabetically? If I change it, how can I take this my edits to game? Thanks for help.

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