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Annoying texture issue that I have tried for 1 month to fix.

  • I have a Laptop with RTX3060, I5-12 CPU , I only have 1 replace vehicle mod, and the others are all add-on (8 vehicles),and I am using NVE , so the problem is after the add-on vehicles were spawned (sometimes even needless to do anything will have the same issue) ,when I move the cam. ,some of the tree , building textures will reload,the longer I stay at current angle of view,the more serious the texture will reload when i move to aother view, at the same time the vechicle's dashboard will turn into static texture.
    I have tried to set the LSPDFR pre-load mods to false , I also have Heapadjuster, edited gameconfig , resize the vehicle's texture, alll in all, I almost have all the patchs that are needed for mods.
    Is this the problem of NVE?
    Can anyone help me ,I'll be teribbly appreciate. Sorry for my English, not a native.

  • @BirdyAplin said in Annoying texture issue that I have tried for 1 month to fix.:

    Is this the problem of NVE?

    disable it and test.

  • @BirdyAplin
    Here's a few things to run through. Might help.

    If you haven't already, & following on from what @JohnFromGWN said, you could systematically disable select mods at a time & see if anything is overtly causing it/making it worse etc. There could be a funky texture somewhere causing it, for example.

    If spawning modded vehicles is the main cause of the issue. Take a look in their '.ytd's & have a go at reducing any 4K+ textures to 2048x2048 or lower. Backup the files first & you're free to revert if you don't like the results &/or it makes no difference etc.

    Any kind of persistence mods (stops player vehicle despawning so you can return to it later) you have installed will defo make this issue much worse. Try game without those mods if you have any installed.

    Try setting 'GTA5.exe' to 'High' CPU process priority:

    Temporary (resets to 'Normal' CPU priority on game restart):

    Start GTA V > Alt+Tab out of game > Task Manager (Ctrl+Shift+Esc or right-click taskbar > 'Task Manager') > 'Details' tab > find & right-click 'GTA5.exe' > 'Set priority' > 'High'

    Permanent ('GTA5.exe' uses 'High' CPU priority everytime it's started):

    Download & install this 'GTA5.exe 'High' CPU Process Priority.reg' file (double-click it or right-click > Merge to install value to the Windows Registry).

    If after that you want to set 'GTA5.exe' back to the default 'Normal' process priority use this 'GTA5.exe 'Normal' CPU Process Priority.reg' to set it back to it's default value.

    'gameconfig.xml' '<PhysicalStreamingBuffer' & '<VirtualStreamingBuffer' values**:**

    If that doesn't fix it, try incrementally increasing the 'PhysicalStreamingBuffer' & 'VirtualStreamingBuffer' values in your modded 'gameconfig.xml':

    Example (vanilla values):

                        <ArchiveCount value="3160"/>
                        <PhysicalStreamingBuffer value="252"/>
                        <VirtualStreamingBuffer value="1000"/>

    Edit both the '<PhysicalStreamingBuffer' & '<VirtualStreamingBuffer' values together at the same time & maintain the same ratio between the two (integer) values.

    integer = whole number (ie '1', '2', '17', '1024' etc, NOT '1.1' or '2.7' or '1024.45' or anything with a decimal point etc)


    '<VirtualStreamingBuffer value' x '0.252' = '<PhysicalStreamingBuffer value'


                        <ArchiveCount value="3160"/>
                        <PhysicalStreamingBuffer value="294"/>
                        <VirtualStreamingBuffer value="1166"/>

    0.252 x 1166 = 293.832 (rounded up to 294)

    There are no hard rules as to what values might be best for your game. Bigger values aren't necessarily better, it's all about finding the right balance. Basically tho, for now, just experiment with incrementally increasing both the values slightly until (hopefully :fingers_crossed: ) you find a value that reduces/stops the texture pop-in before the buffers become too big for your game & start to decrease performance/cause their own issues etc (not sure of super high value results, never tested, but there will undoubtedly be some with huge values).

    No guarantees any of this will solve your issue, but I've used both the last two methods outlined here to fix the same/similar issues in the past. Defo worth giving a try :thumbsup:

  • @JohnFromGWN Thank you for reply dude, without NVE all works perfectly, but I have played origin version for more than 4 years ,just wanna have a better graphic,so here I am.

  • @a63nt-5m1th thank you for your detailed explanation bro, I'll try these to see if it helps,but never mind, no matter it helps or not,if I can't solve it, I'll use QuantV instead, thanks anyway, must have taken you a long time for this.

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