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Is it happening again??

  • For a while ago I heard OpenIV is can't be downloaded anymore. I thought it was perhaps a minor glitch but months later I check again and it still gives SSL error when trying to download.

    Quite interesting no one mentioned it here, perhaps no one noticed since they already have it installed :thinking:

    But seriously, are we going to see the gta 5's rating as Overwhelmingly Negative again in Steam?

    alt text

  • @Aurora11
    If you hit the download button on this (or any) openiv.com page & then on the next page that appears, remove the 's' from 'https' in the URL before proceeding (ie, so it's http://ntscorp.ru/ovi/setup/ovisetup.exe) you'll be able to download (as of time of writing) OpenIV v4.1.0.47 :thumbsup:

    Funny if it's gone on for months, as I presume the OpenIV team know about it? (albeit, things in Russia probably not functioning 100% atm, given current events). Likely the hosting site isn't being maintained very well atm & in need of a SSL update or something.

  • @a63nt-5m1th @Aurora11

    Exactly the same thing happens with Alexander Blade's Scripthook.
    Follow @a63nt-5m1th 's advice but you can also change your settings in your browser.

    In FF, this is done with HTTPS-Only Mode. Which I disable making some ppl cringe in fear (who don't understand security) --- but I live dangerously.

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