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fivem delete props x64

  • hello,
    I was deleting props from the x64h.rpf file, for example prop_rub_litter01.
    my only problem is when I Launch fivem it says modified Game file detected x64h.rpf and Closes. I tried running the Archive fix with the x64h.rpf and rub prop Location but it doesnt Work.

    im playing on a rp Server and trying to gain some extra fps deleting props.

  • @TupacGTAV unless this your own server, it seems the server doesn't allow changes on your client. Test on your own local server, takes 10 minutes to install one.

  • @JohnFromGWN well in my case the server seems to allow modified x64.rpf files, theres a no prop boost pack with some modified x64 files and it works like a charm.
    Im trying to remove some more props since there are still plenty of them that I dont need and would save me some fps like the trash/rub props.
    I think Im doing the process wrong, its Not Just deleting the props cause that doesnt work for me and I get the Error Message again.

  • @TupacGTAV You'll probably get better support on the FiveM forums.

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