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FiveM interior not loading - possible fix.

  • I recently installed a FiveM server locally/private just to play open world SP. I highly recommend this server given it is free, has tons of assets not available for SP, and loads extremely fast. It doesn't interfere with with your GTA5 SP setup.

    I'm reverted back to 2372 (Steam) although all my vanilla files are updated to 2628 except GTA5.exe.
    So now for GTA5.exe I keep 2 versions, one for 2372 and one for 2628. This along with 2 relevant versions of SH5.

    When I installed my FiveM server I chose the latest build and noticed a few MLOs didn't load the interiors. I did a verify integrity from Steam, restarted the server and the interiors loaded perfectly because I needed 2628. But the 2628 broke my SP, it works only with 2372, so I need both executables.

    I'm passing this on in case someone wants to play SP in FiveM and encounters this issue. I have 2 batch files to play GTA5. One for SP (2372) and one for Five M (2628).

    In these batch files i include these lines at the start :

    For Five M, this simple command line ensures the lastest version of GTA5.exe and SH5 are loaded, then the rest of the code loads the server:
    xcopy /s "M:\Animation\FiveM\GTA5_Update\*.*" "P:\SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\Grand Theft Auto V" /Y

    For SP, this similar command line reverts back to 2372 and then I have a menu which allows me to select Mods to load:
    xcopy /s "M:\Animation\FiveM\GTA5_Revert2372\*.*" "P:\SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\Grand Theft Auto V" /Y

    The folders each contain 2 files, and only 2 files are required, GTA5.exe and SH5. Obviously my update.rpf is never impacted nor updated.

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