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Beware...An Update is coming....

  • Hello all, It's 'summer' and 'R's' gearing up for another (no doubt crappy) DLC update. No prob if you're running pure 'vanilla'. But if you have invested time and effort into mods, be ready for game crashes and 'other fun' like having to wait weeks on end until scripthook (maybe?) gets updated.

    Of course, as usual do back up the game and your mods folder. But since the (spits) 'Contract' dlc, 'R's' ($#!%%y) launcher makes playing offline difficult (if not impossible) to continue play without extraordinary measures. July 23rd is the impending 'Day of Doom' so you don't have much time to get things squared.

    See you on the other side....

  • @JohnFromGWN bumping this up so hopefully people will read it and backup rather than whine like little babies about next scripthookv update, assuming AB is safe and has internet and time. Not to mention all the possible issues packaged free with each Rockstar update.

    For those who want the elevator version:

    Backup GTA5.exe and ScriptHookV.dll.

    2 files. That's it That's all. No other files included dinput8.dll need backup. Nada,

    After the update, after the new version of SH5 is released, OpenIV will want to update your update.rpf. So backup this file or at least backup key files like dlclist.xml.

    Also after the backup you might also need a new gameconfig.xml.

    One tip. If your game is stable after the summer update and new SH5, don't update your gameconfig.xml. Only update it if your game crashes.

  • @JohnFromGWN Thanks for putting this on here. I too want to head off the 'update bitching' and encourage modders to prepare.

  • Just a tip for anyone who cares.

    Keep your GTA5.exe and its SH5 as version backups because you can swap them in and out in a few seconds.

    I'm reverted back to 2372 but I also have 2628 and its SH5.

    My 2372 is fully updated to 2628 except for GTA5.exe - that's the only vanilla file that matters.

    If, for some reason, I need to run 2628, I just restore it (I use a batch file, so it is automatic). I do that for FiveM localhost.

    Then if I want to revert back to 2372, I restore it.

    In both cases I also swap in the correct SH5.

    WIth the new update, I'll allow Steam to update (not that I have a choice). Then I'll back up the new GTA5.exe and SH5 when/if released.

    I'll keep those files, but I'll revert back to 2372, unless they magically fixed all the collision issues etc.


    @JohnFromGWN said in Beware...An Update is coming....:

    In both cases I also swap in the correct SH5

    B-b-but ScripthookV is backwards compatible?

  • @ReNNie The funniest part about SH5, and I mean no disrespect to AB, is when you start GTA5, leave the room to get a coffee, and return to see your game hasn’t loaded, instead you see a dialog box asking if you want to check for (non-existent) Scripthook updates.

    I think im switching to this:


    And reverting back to original GTA in full 2D side scrolling.


    @JohnFromGWN hahaha or play the butchered trilogy on the Switch for optimal bad graphics!

    There was a registry fix so the update dialogue doesn't happen but it seems to have crapped out on me

  • Just curious as to what files need to be backed up?

    Thanks :)

  • @AmazyCrazy.

    Based on the last 4 updates, assuming this doesn't change, only gta5.exe.
    However backup and keep scripthookv.dll and a good idea to backup update,rpf since OpenIV will nag you afterwards. It contains customized files including your dlclist.xml.
    More to the point, backup any files you feel are important.
    The update will not delete any of your asi or mod folder files nor overwrite non game files.


  • Please no bitching about when SH5 will be ready as only one person has that answer and he's not on these forums and he likely has other priorities in his life I would guess.

  • And now the 'waiting begins'....

  • @iammistahwolf not for those who reverted

  • Since I'm new to mod play, when I tried this afternoon & kept getting a scripthook pop up I though I screwed something up...Until I came here. So this happen with every new DLC? :face_palm:

    Is Rockstar launcher needed for every version of GTAV? Like Steam? Is there no CD disk version that loads without internet?

  • @Joey_Gabagool Yes, yes, and no. There are steam emulators (goldberg for example).

    Reverting is incredibly simple with Steam and you can, if you want, still use the new DLC cars (and peds) while reverted.

  • I'm a bit stupid for not doing a backup, thought it was an old update, if anyone has a backup of the last update (2628) for the epic games version of gta 5 I'd appreciate it if you could link the exes. Thanks.

  • @JohnFromGWN Thanks,
    I think steam is then the way to go.
    At this point GTA is only fun to play offline with mods & making clips. I gave up on playing online as it is basically a free for all GTA Call of Duty

    Thanks again

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