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Import/ File conversion

  • Hey Everyone!! New to the forum but a long time player and supporter of GTA and the community. I've recently become fond of 3d animation in particular and I have some glb/fbx files that I would like to learn how to integrate into the game. I believe the files I need to convert to are ydd/ytd/yft/ymd but there is little info regarding how to accomplish this task. Any help on how to start importing into my own serevr would be greatly appreciated!! Thank you so much in advance!

  • @ChefCryptoChris get zmodeler3 (paid software) and import those files. i haven't touched zmodeler in 4 months so i'm not too sure if it accepts glb files. from there, well.. there's a lot to do on to make it work in gta. what type of mod are you making?

  • @ChefCryptoChris This is one of those questions where if you have to ask, you won't be able to do it. You don't convert any models to GTA5, well not properly, without expertise in 3D modelling and 3D modelling software such as @drlq99 mentioned zmodeler, blender, or Max. And even with that knowledge, you will need to use combinations of tools and plugins along with simpler tools such as OpenIV and an image editor for textures.

    There are thousands of free 3D models out there from independent authors not to mention thousands, even hundreds of thousands, ripped from games, but very few high quality ones end up being converted because of the complexity required, which translates into time, expertise, and skills.

    In my time here, I've only seen one ped conversion I would qualify as outstanding, meaning rigging, textures, and facial animations and that's the Lara Croft conversion by @alex189. There are many excellent ones on this site as well, but the latest wave are poor likely due to the fact that truly talented creators will not work for free, particularly if they have full time jobs.

    If you do have the knowledge, skills, and patience there are hundreds of tutorials on YouTube.

  • @drlq99 Thx for the heads up! I've heard of Zmodler but haven't worked with it personally so this will be a fun challenge!!

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