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Combining 2 different mods

  • Hello. I have a question/problem. I want create some scene by menyoo. I spawn ped by object spooner. Now, I want add scenario, I use simple native trainer for scenarios, because in menyoo is problem with scenarios. But if I use example simple native trainer, scenario work always. I set it. I save it: Save database to file. Now. I click on Load placement and my peds/objects/vehicles are spawned again. But scenarios, which I set for peds doesn´t work. ped is standing without setted scenario by simple native trainer. But if I set scenario in menyoo, it´s working. And my question is. I can´t combine 2 different mods? Scenarios are always reseting, if I set it in other mod, than Menyoo? Thanks for help. I hope, that you understanding my problem. If no, I can record it and place video here, if you don´t know, what problem I think.

  • @pat000 If I understand your question correctly, no, you can't set one animation or scenario with Menyoo and have a sequence completed with Simple Trainer.

    Menyoo, AFAIK, should be able to do what you want either through synchronized animations or task sequences (google for tutorials).

    The other option is write your own scripts.

  • Okey. But I have other problem. I use task sequence for animation. Add play animation, I select animation, time set example 30 second and select "Keep task running after allocated time". Now. I click save database. After, I click Load placements and ped is loaded, but I have sometimes problem with setted task. Some animations in task are automatically load, but in other ped, animation in task sequence isn´t loaded, and if I look for task sequence, animation task isn´t there. Automatically is deleted, but other animations are working in task sequence after Load placement. Why? Why some animations are running after load placement in task sequence and other anims in task sequence are deleted automatically and ped is standing without animation? Can you help me, with this problem? Thanks for help.

  • @pat000 im sorry but i don't use Menyoo for animations, i prefer to do things thru scripting.

    This site has many videos on Menyoo including animations and task sequences. Not sure about saving, might not even be possible to save what you're doing.

  • How can I learn scripting? Exist some video tutorials about it? I want to learn it, but I don´t know, how to begin.

  • @pat000 you download visual studio, free version from Microsoft. Then you watch a quick tutorial on YouTube for the basics. Then you google first script gta5 and follow a tutorial. Finally you post here for help, there are a few experts here, im not one of them, but i can help with basic stuff.

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