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Prop Collisions

  • Hi, while creating a prop I encountered a problem that i've never seen, as you will see in the screenshots it looks like the collisions are reversed.
    here is how i setted the collision in 3dsmax:
    does anyone know a fix?

  • @andre23l Your screen shots don't give much useful info. You won't see the collision in game, so the first two aren't useful since you just see the drawable. You can turn on the normals in 3ds max and that will show you which way the faces are pointing, which will tell you which sides you see in the game of the drawable. As for the collision, which way the face is pointed will tell you which side you will collide with. If the collisions are on the wrong side your character will have funky interactions with the prop.

    You could also turn on backface culling in 3ds max. That makes the side you see or interact with visible in 3ds max and when you are looking at the backside of the polys they are invisible.

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