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Spawning Problemo

  • i'm doing mod a map for pacific standard bank i don't want peds spawn here cuz if entity i spawned sitting on chair ped is spawning on that too and i saw solution with CodeWalker but this is kinda hard for me so if there is other solution than this send me but if not just write tutorial i will understand.

  • @I-WillKnott-I I think your problemo, and I'm assuming you're referring to the Spanish language, is that the word problem while clearly masculine in French is actually a masculine exception in Spanish, consequently problema.

  • @I-WillKnott-I Hola :slight_smile: The easiest way would be duplicating the chair as an addon prop. The only a bit time consuming part is setting up the addon prop folder.

    In my customized Malibu Mansion mod, there is an optional Addon Props dlc. You can use that one if you wish. Delete the props inside and put the chairs you want. Change their name to something else.

    Then just edit the addonprops.ytyp with https://www.gta5-mods.com/tools/mmytyptool mod :slight_smile: That everything will be bueno perfecto :D

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