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game stutters with persistence mods

  • Hello folks,

    I'm having some issues when I use persistence mods, such as Advanced Persistence or the newer Vehicle Keeper mod..
    What I think the issue is, is that both those mods save automatically from time to time, and when it's saving, my game just stutters.. Not long, just like less than a second, and it runs smooth again.
    I have used Vehicle Persistence II, and haven't had any issues with that one, but I don't really like it because sometimes I get back into my game and it didn't save some vehicles, or they are in different places.
    The PC isn't the issue, I have also tried running the game on settings for a low end PC, everything to low, but that doesn't change anything, it just keeps doing it..
    Also, I have set the game priority to high..

    • Latest GTA version
    • Logs clean
    • i5-11600k
    • NVIDIA GTX 1060 6GB
    • RAM 32GB

    Thanks in advance

  • Topic can be marked solved.

    Seems to be that my second hard drive is on the way out.
    Replaced to the main drive and runs smooth now.

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