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Vehicle Modding Help

  • There are a few things that I would like to add to this vehicle

    I would like to add this image of the punisher logo https://drive.google.com/file/d/10B5d8jzi9dpBjIrqZ6WO45Z3NZzLcOT-/view?usp=sharing to the drivers and passenger seat headrest. How would I go about that. Which file in the YTD would I need to edit.

    I also want to add a stack of money as an extra on the dashboard of the vehicle. Again, how would I do that, do I need to use Zmoddler or Blender? if so how.

    Finally, I want to add an image as the screen (infotainment screen). Is there a certain file that needs to be change, YTD edit/created. and once again, how would I go about doing that. Please let me know, any help is appreciated.

    Disclaimer: This vehicle does not say that I can not edit it without the owner permission, so we are all good to make these changes.

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