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Is modding GTA5 that difficult?

  • I was just in the player section where I saw a mod with extremely non lore peds and images that were evidently Photoshopped composites because poses were strange and you could see the outline of the characters, but i could be wrong.

    But there was also a video and I was curious to see what the characters would look like in game.

    Well it turns out the video was actually a how to install video, from installing OpenIV, creating the necessary folders, and adding the dlc.

    I have to admit the video was excellent. It was short, clear, and with well executed narration. Easy to follow even for a 6 year old.

    Now here's the fun part, comment after comment in that section pertained to the installation not working or the game crashing.

    One person even wrote you needed to work for Nasa to mod GTA5 and that he would never try again.


  • Some mods can be a pain to install because it either requires a lot of steps to install, or it requires a lot of editing of files to get the mod to work, or because you can spend hours trying to get just 1 mod you really want to work. In my experience, it's not really that difficult to mod, and if anything goes wrong that's what the mod folder is there for. You just delete it, and voila! The game works again, and you can either start again to mod it, or just install another mod. As long as you read the readme file everything will be fine. The more you mod, the easier it gets every time.

  • @Algonquin1234 I think the only ones that are truly a PITA are the ones like Liberty City, when you do them manually. You have to be patient to go through assembly.xml and make sure you have the right files in the right paths.

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