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Possible to change enemy blip id's and color id's in GTA Singleplayer?

  • So, I wanna change some blips in my GTA V, mainly being:

    ==Blips I want to try and change==

    • Player Blip
    • Enemy Blips (Red circles, both NPC and Vehicle Ones) > Small and Big ones
    • Possibly Friend Blips too (same as Enemy Blips, but Blue, but i'm 500% sure that the blips that enemies, friends, etc. share the same blip ID, and use the color ID instead.)

    I also would like to know if it's possible to change the color ID's too, that the different blips share, as you saw above, the NPC blip is possibly shared for all types of NPCs, such as enemies using the Colour: ID: 1, allies using Colour ID: 3, etc. was wondering if I can change those too. examples being to possibly have a purple colour, for blips shared by ally NPCs, and a pink colour for enemy NPC blips, etc, because the blips i'm using will end up looking weird, as they will still use the same Colour ID, correspondent to the team of the NPC.

    GTA V Vanilla NPC Blip
    Player Blip I wanna use to change the "Player_Blip"
    NPC Blip I wanna use to change the "NPC_Blip" (specifically enemies)

    Edit: I've managed to figure it out and successfully changed the player blip to my alternate one, and I'm currently trying to change police blips. But there is a massive problem, the Player_Blip has one of those attributes, where the marker on the minimap, mimics where the player is facing, however, Police Blips (and i'm pretty sure NPC blips too, since they're also circles) do not mimic where the NPC is facing, and it just looks like, the marker in imgur. It's constantly facing upward, and only changes direction when I move the minimap in certain places, and I wanna try and make it so these custom markers, also mimic the direction of NPC, and due to my lack of knowledge with custom blips, I have no idea how to do this at all.

    I got a picture of what it looks like below, you'll see that the player blip works fine, but the cop blips don't mimic the NPC's direction, which is what i'm trying to find out to do, so it looks more tidey. (The police blips are tiny, but i'll resize em once i figure out how to allow the blips to turn)

    Minimap with police blips: https://imgur.com/a/z1agzt4

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