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Help with Prop Identification - Youtube Videos

  • I'm trying to load a movie (from a Youtube url) in Michael's Safe House living room on a screen.

    To do this i need two variables. One is called the model name, the other is called the RenderTarget.

    You can easily find the model name with Object Spooner or CodeWalker (screenshot below).

    The Model name is "v_ilev_mm_scre_off".

    However I don't know how to get the Render Target name.

    Render Target names can be cinscreen, or tvscreen, as examples, but there are dozens of other possibilities. I can do this by trial and error but what I'm really looking for is how get the full list (updated to at least 2372).

    There is a pastebin but it is outdated and doesn't have this particular model.

    alt text

  • @JohnFromGWN

    I did find this on another pastebin, but tvscreen doesn't work. I get the audio only.

    However it works perfectly, audio and video, for Franklin using tvscreen and prop_tv_flat_01. Is this because Franklin paid for his TV service but Michael didn't?

    -- ob_tv.c
    target = "tvscreen"; models = {
    	1340914825, -- floyd,
    	-897601557, -- franklins aunt
    	GetHashKey("prop_tv_flat_01"), -- franklins flat
    	GetHashKey("des_tvsmash_start"), -- jimmy
    	GetHashKey("v_ilev_mm_scre_off"), -- michael projector
    	GetHashKey("v_ilev_mm_screen2"), -- overlay (on) render target
    	GetHashKey("v_ilev_mm_screen2_vl"), -- overlay
    	GetHashKey("prop_trev_tv_01"),  -- trevor
    	GetHashKey("prop_tt_screenstatic"), -- - overlay (CreateObjectNoOffset) tv static

    alt text

  • @JohnFromGWN I think i figured it out. Off means off. LMAO.

    so it's either
    GetHashKey("v_ilev_mm_screen2"), -- overlay (on) render target
    GetHashKey("v_ilev_mm_screen2_vl"), -- overlay

    Edit: Nope, neither one above worked, no audio this time, and ofc no video.

    Franklin, the cinema, the default movie all work, but still need to figure out Michael's.

    I'll take a look at the Menyoo source code since it allows shows to be seen on this TV - hopefully i can get the right variables.

  • @JohnFromGWN WOW impressive!! Kicks the realism factor up a notch or two.

  • @gtavjamal you can watch any YouTube videos with friends as well. The documentation is total shit, as usual, so i dont know if you can stream local files or watch the Superbowl.

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