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Strange issue , please help.

  • I have a low - medium end pc , i can the game great with textures on normal , but there's a memory leak issue , i.e., The game starts to stutter horribly after7-8min . However , if i switch to high textures the memory leak issue is fixed somehow but the fps are poor , everything is at lowest , and i don,t want to disable shadows or completely kill the population. I am using low spec mods from this sites but they have not workied very well.....please help , guys im desperate for this game.
    (Please don't suggest upgrade i do not have any money right now)


    I highly suggest trying this mod: https://www.gta5-mods.com/misc/gta-v-re-sized
    It may help you as it helped me. Be sure you use a "mods" folder!

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