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gta 5 crashes every time i spawn a modded bike

  • hi every one, does anybody knows how to fix the game crash when installing bikes mod, i have installed more than 100 replace cars and for most of them i had no problem, but when i just install two or three bikes replace mods, the game crash when the bike spawn in traffic or when i'm spawning it from the trainer or in the best case the game crashes like 30 seconds of driving the bike.

  • @gti92 Bike models, just from my own experience, tend to be less stable than cars, probably because many are high polygon.

    You have more replaces than the average system, im guessing, because in 2022 addons are more popular. Try using addons and see if that helps because they are spawned on demand only, whereas replaces are out of your control unless you edit the metadata.

    If you have a high polygon problematic bike as an an addon it will hopefully be stable. Now if you take that same bike mod as a replace and due to RAGE randomness it spawns 20 times within your visual field, each time potentially leaking memory as it disappears, your system will crash.

    Of course im just theorizing, but i do know for a fact on my own system i can spawn considerably more cars than bikes before FPS drops and textures go screwy.

  • @JohnFromGWN thanks for the explanation, is there a way to reduce the number of high polygons of the bikes, so it can avoid game crash?

  • @gti92 no you can't unfortunately. I would suggest you reduce the number of replaces you have in favour of addons. Also try a different gameconfig.xml. finally you might also consider increasing your system ram if you can.

  • @JohnFromGWN OK I'll try this thanks for your help dude

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