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mod that keeps the cars in my modded house garages...

  • Is there a mod that function like michaels 2 car garage? for a add on house garage? So cars stop despawning.
    [MLO] Malibu Mansion [Add-On SP] 2.0

  • Your best bet for the time being is to use Menyoo. Just spawn in your vehicles, park them in the garage or wherever and then save them in the database. Menyoo will ask for a name (i.e. 'Malibu Mansion garage) and then you place the location marker where you want it (probably outside of the garage so if you teleport to it nothing goofy happens) and save the database. Be advised, though this is the best method outside of having a script, if you save the 'map' with your cars whatever state they're in is what will be when you next load it in. That means if you wrecked one (put it in the water, exploded, etc.) that's what it will be when you load the map again. You 'save' changes by selecting 'overwrite' BUT BE CAREFUL!!!! There is no 'undo' with xml maps! If you f*** up and overwrite when you haven't loaded in the map or save one or more vehicles...they...are...gone!

  • @iammistahwolf Aight i m gonna try it. Thx

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