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Friendly development team looks for a talented and ambitious 3D modeller for ped clothing.

  • Skills:

    • Creating clothes models from ground up.
    • Converting clothes models from other games (Sims 4, etc.).
    • Skinning.
    • Poly/resolution optimization of models.
    • Editing and rebaking UV maps.
    • For everything mentioned above we are looking for experience in GTA V modding specifically. If you are sure in your other skills and are willing to get into GTA V modding fast and furious you can still apply and we can discuss it.

    Send us your portfolio and tell us about yourself. In further discussion you would be asked to complete a test challenge.

  • UP UP UP

  • Write your suggestions

  • Everyone on this site: "It's gonna be a no for me, dawg."

  • @-EcLiPsE- lol

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