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Just to confirm - Steam version GTA5 Update

  • Just updated with Steam and this is to confirm that just one file, GTA5.exe was required to restore the game and allow playing modded SP again.

  • @JohnFromGWN great - I backed up all the exe files and update.rpf and update2.rpf just in case.

  • @Suzerain001 good. You'll be able to continue playing.

    P.S. It's your update.rpf, the one in your mods folder, that's important. The game ones don't matter.

    My game is fully updated all the time - only my GTA5.exe is reverted - but that's ok if you backup vanilla files too.

    I also keep the same version of SH5 (2372) because I don't believe in backwards compatibility. Not from Microsoft, not from SH5 (no disrespect to AB, disrespect to MS).

  • I backed up my GTA.EXE and Scriphook.dll and Update.rpf i want to mod my game from scratch how can i do that with the new update just copy the old GTA.exe and SHV.dll in to a fresh download? i downloaded GTA 5 twice before the update i backed up the entire GTA without mods and i have a modded version not backed up.

  • @Communicated

    1. Waiting for SH5 update. If you're on Steam, you can continue to play modded by copying the previous GTA5.exe, and that's all. SH5 is not impacted by the update, no need to copy it back.

    2. Once SH5 is updated. Install the new scripthookv.dll and optionally dinput8.dll because it doesn't get updated. Now do a verify integrity or restore the updated GTA5.EXE if you kept a backup copy.

    3. Revert back. If you don't like the new update or it breaks your game, simply copy GTA5.exe from the older version.
      Do you need to copy the previous SH5 as well? No, because it is supposed to be backwards compatible, but i prefer to copy it as well.

  • I'm getting a keybind error, cant seem to get past it

  • @JohnFromGWN Thank you im playing on Epic Games i just copied the .EXE like you said and it was fine , also i wanted to jump in to some Fivem servers i mainly play SP with LS Life, mods for graphics and some car addons better chases Ect. should just mod a fresh copy for FiveM and some servers want to be downgraded is that a problem ? does FiveM make the game run better or no

  • @Communicated I don't play on FiveM. I run my own FiveM server and when I do i swap in an updated GTA5.exe because certain MLOs require it.

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