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Is it me or are 'R's' updates getting worse?

  • So I looked at vids from 'R's' faithful...and I gotta' say, this latest update shows 'R' has completely tapped for content ideas. No wonder I stopped playing 'online' ages ago. Boring, boring, boring! This was 'supposed' to be an expansion on four previous mods, including properties, vehicles and gameplay. Did anybody even show up for work when they put this together? When I see the multitude of good (and bad) mods offered here and on other modding sites, I gotta' wonder if 'R' and 'T2' only see them as 'comp' instead of potential content resources? Too busy worrying about $#!%%y 'shark card' sales to bother making something 'worth' micro transacting, 'R' has come up with 'dud after dud.' The only 'good' thing about the previous update was the 'office space' (that's if you actually cared about having a record company crime front.) This latest one wasn't even 'phoned in'. Meanwhile, we wait to see if 'Mr. Blade' is alive and well enough to (care) put out an update to his mod that makes modding this game possible....

  • @iammistahwolf

    Funny how successful their competition is, the Fivem. RageMP, AltV, etc. I guess because R* is run by tech guys who aren't true gamers.

    Really a slap in the face how they continue to cater GTAO just for the money and completely ignore SP.

    This is like a giant fuck you to everyone who paid for the game, unless they think we, the SP guys, all pirated the game.

  • @iammistahwolf Even my backup exe isnt working on steam , They really trying to black mods?Looks that way...

  • @Batmans33 block sorry

  • @Batmans33

    No, absolutely not. Steam (Valve) doesn't care if you mod or not and they don't even sell GTA5 anymore if i remember correctly.

    What message are you getting?

  • I cant get game loading with any scripthook

  • its just crashing out

  • The update is alright, not amazing but not awful.
    Love the cars they added, the missions are alright I guess. They nerfed that dang mosquito (oppressor mk.2) which is great even though it's been long overdue at this point. It's what I think, not that anyone cares.

  • re install and mess around time

  • Did spot an error packfile 15....Stange, crashed after taking scripthook out now,after a new install today.I have been useing a brill tool
    Extended Video Export to export in 4k, I wonder if that conflicted?Though fresh install worked untill I tried scripthook? Replaced exe and still crashing, re installing agian but I will delete rockstar docks just incase it was Extended Video Export , could be barking up wronge tree..

  • packfile unable to find pattern 15

  • @Batmans33
    wow. you're the second person to mention a packfile pattern error today. I've never encountered or heard of those until today.

  • Thats worrying lol

  • Is anyone here running mods with old exe on steam, or are we waiting for the main man to sort scripthook? Hope hes safe.

  • @JohnFromGWN I have never seen it before too..

  • @Batmans33 its heapadjuster. It cant work without ScriptHookV. Heap, Packfile, all that doesn't work without ScriptHook. Scripthook has yet to update tho.

  • @sluzy heapadjuster has nothing to do with Scripthook. It is loaded by dinput8.dll.

    Also this pattern error hasn’t been reported with previous updates and the error message refers to packfiles.

    My game is running modded perfectly, reverted, so something else is causing this issue.

  • @JohnFromGWN huh, maybe try messing around with your packfile size ig? if its reverted then it should work perfectly unless you didnt replace gta5.exe correctly. before you do anything check the GTA5.exe details and see if its 1.0.2628.2

  • @sluzy My game is running perfectly. I'm not the one with the pattern issues.

  • Thanks for your replys chaps, reinstalled and AB has released new script hook!!! Working fine, backing up now!

  • Well that was interesting, even on new version, when I put in my pckfile limet adjuster asi in I got same message " unable to find pattern 15". Took pack adjuster out and it loads again....Will try putting all mods in without it, and try someone elsses packfile limit adjuster if needed..

  • pattern 19 error, here we go again

  • there surely is going to be a fix sooner or later, like always..

  • @meerty best thing to do is to try to fix it yourself. When we had the fall through the ground issue nobody found a one size fits all solution for all MLOs.

    Remember there is no team working on this and Rockstar doesn't care about mods. So yes you can wait or you can ask yourself why you have this issue and others don't. This is a simple process of disabling mods until you find the one or ones causing the issue.

    Remember also that this isn't ERR_FIL_PACK_1, this is something brand new and totally unexpected and still unexplained. Yes, there were pattern issues reported in the past but still poorly explained.

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