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HEEELLPP, Kind people of the gta5mods forums, need help with SELF RADIO

  • For the past idk fucking 2hours i've been trying to get self radio to work, I've tried everything, launching the game with cloud saves turned off,

    switched the file between m4a mp3, converting the file to less than 256kbps, I have more than 5 songs put in the folder also the folder is in its right place Documents\Rockstar Games\GTA V\User Music. the song don't have dashes in em, user music is next to settings.xml, And btw I think this it the problem I dont have usertracks.db' & 'usertracks.dbs files in C:\Users%USERNAME%\AppData\Local\Rockstar Games\GTA V\User Music, I don't know if it only appears when self radio does work or if not ,if not than can someone please send me the file?
    And btw I don't think I can use this mod https://www.gta5-mods.com/scripts/self-radio in gta online, Removed OneDrive Environmental , Don't know what else is left than to just delete and reinstall the game:(

    I use the rockstar launcher btw

  • @that1lithuanian

    You're doing lots of stuff that really is unnecessary. I don't know what scripts or junk you have installed, but my self-radio works and I'll describe the configuration below.

    1. I would disable all scripts first to see if it fixes the problem.

    2. My Documents\Rockstar Games\GTA V\User Music contains shortcuts to my mp3s. You don't need to copy your files here (that's up to you), you only need to create a shortcut and GTA5 will find them.

    3. The User Music folder in my AppData is empty, not a single file, no databases, no issues. Have no idea why some users would have a database there and don't care.

    4. Reinstalling is the biggest most useless waste of time. All you need to do is a verify integrity if you feel files are missing and/or corrupt.

    You mentioned your User Music folder is next to settings.xml? That bothers me because there are other folders there including your profile. Are you missing those?

  • @that1lithuanian

    Found this, you might want to try google, hopefully it might help - but I have a feeling you already tried this based on your post.


    The only other thing I can think of right now is to go in game settings, and see if something is wrong with the radio settings, or try to set the default to self radio...don't know, but check those settings.

    and there are other threads here:


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