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Packfile Pattern issues. Can someone please try this?

  • Error messages in GTA5 are notoriously misleading. I wish i could help but i can't recreate this error.

    Given we have nothing else to go on, we can start with the assumption that the july 26 update broke the Packfile mod which was last updated in 2018. We know this mod was created to increase the number of addons we could install.

    So, as a test, can someone backup their dlclist.xml, remove most of the addons from dlclist.xml, and report back as to whether game loaded or not.

    This would confirm issue is with Packfile mod no longer working with update.

    Possible fixes, assuming mod is no longer supported or updated, would be to start creating dlcpacks.

    Ofc it is also possible that updates to gameconfig.xml will fix the problem, keeping the Packfile mod stable, but until that time it is the number one suspect.

    As to why the update broke shit? Possibly the nature of the new dlc or the new update2.rpf which was not populated but is as of the 26th.

  • For everyone waiting for a fix, if indeed the issue is from the Packfile mod, take note of what @alloc8or wrote for his mod:

    Please note that this plugin will only 'fix' ERR_FIL_PACK_1, nothing else.

    Well folks this is a pattern error message.

    So you can wait or you can start disabling your mods to find the problem because the reality is that the update didn't break the majority of games, just yours and a few others.

    Maybe a gameconfig.xml update will fix it, maybe not, but there isn't any team hard at work trying to fix this.

  • Update.

    Again i don't have this issue but looking at the comments on the mods page, many ppl are blaming it on SH5, which i think is wrong.

    At least one user posted that removing the Packfile mod fixed the problem. If that's the case we can confirm the error message is indeed accurate. Unfortunately removing this mod will lead to instability and crashes for anyone exceeding practical limits of addons.

    Next question, assuming this mod died in 2018 and worst case can't be fixed, then what changes in the update are causing the issue.

    Here's the good news, disable dinput8.dll and you can play GTAO, as usual.
    Revert back GTA5.exe, no other files necessary after the update, and you can play steam SP forever.
    You can even convert new cars to dlcpacks or in many cases just add the new dlc to your dlclist.xml.

  • I posted this elsewhere but reposting it here given too many similar threads.

    Can someone try disabling the new dlc and the new dlc patches and even update2.rpf?

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