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Silly question?? (GTA 5 MODDING.)

  • Hello what's up guys... I'm new at modding and was wondering if my actions I take in my mods folder in my gta 5 directory mirrors I'm openiv?! Like if I delete a mod in my mods folder in gta5 directory, will it be deleted in openiv? Is it that simple? Sorry if that was a silly question. Thx

    Re: [New to modding](question about "The mods folder" notification message in OpenIV)

  • @Nick4142 There is only one copy of your mods and from a Windows perspective they are all in your mods folder. OpenIV does not duplicate your mods, it allows you to view them in a similar fashion as Windows Explorer.

    So you can't talk about mirroring because there is only one set of mods.

    If you open an explorer window side by side with OpenIV you can test this.

    Delete a folder from explorer and you will see it disappear in OpenIV. Same for adding folders, or files.
    Delete a folder from OpenIV and you'll see it is gone in Windows explorer as well.

    A very important difference is that with OpenIV you can view files in archives such as dlc.rpf. You can't do that with explorer.

    One caveat. Although OpenIV is stable, doing operations on files or folders in explorer while OpenIV is open can sometimes cause OpenIV to crash. Not often, but it can happen.

    Finally you can't edit files in OpenIV while GTA5 is running, unfortunately.

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