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Script Hook V Update not working...crashs at loading screen

  • After gta updated i did not back up my game but thats another story, anyways, i had to wait for script hook v to put out another update and wouldnt you know it they were pretty quick about it. so i get home from work and remove the old version and swap it out for the new, should be simple right? just the dinput8.vll and scripthookv.dll into gta5 root folder. So i do that and start the game up and its at the loading screen and about 10 seconds in the audio skips and shuts off and then boom it crashes while at the loading screen. i then proceeded to trouble shoot and did the dinput8.dll change to .bak and the game starts fine...then i removed mods, i only had a few, still the same issue then i check dlclist.xml and one thing was out of place from a car mod at the bottom but i deleted it so that was fine and still the same problem persists. then i remove scripthookvdotnet and all its contents still the same issue, then i removed lua and still the same crash at loading screen. the only thing left is menyoo, script hook and openiv. what do i do delete them all and start over?

  • i removed everything but scripthookV.dll and dinput8.dll in GTA root files, i then went to OpenIV and uninstalled all the asi manager installments and now the game will launch. So maybe an OpenIV issue?

  • @shadowofd3ath21 said in Script Hook V Update not working...crashs at loading screen:

    i removed everything but scripthookV.dll and dinput8.dll, i then went to openIV and removed all the asi manager installments and the game will start. So maybe a OpenIV issue?

    No it's not an OpenIV issue. The update screwed up lots of things but the only thing we know for certain is that the Packfile limit adjuster mod from 2018 won't work with the update.

    By disabling OpenIV you kept all your addons from loading, which is why game loaded.

    I've tested this and scripts and asi mods like trainers will work with the update.

    Mod addons might load but not with packfile installed. Of course the game is unstable without packfile unless you have a small number of addons.

  • @JohnFromGWN i removed the mods first one by one and validating the game after each one before i uninstalled the asi installments from openiv. i just uninstalled openiv and reinstalled all asi manger installments and now the game works when before it didnt. i have no idea whats going on lol.

  • @shadowofd3ath21

    I'm not sure what you're doing but if you remove OpenIV.asi then your addons will not load, period.

    The file dinput8.dll loads all asi files including your trainer. It loads SHVDN, heap, and packfile. It also loads OpenIV.asi which is responsible for loading everything in your dlclist.xml.

    SH5 is the orchestra leader. Without it, your trainer doesn't have access to native functions so no Trainer. Without it SHVDN can't run any scripts, so no scripts.

    By removing OpenIV.asi your game will load but your trainer won't spawn any addons.

    Im surprised your game will start with the packfile.asi loading, because that's the current issue.

  • @JohnFromGWN i know it wont load the mods, but i was trying to isolate the issue, if i left in scripthookv and uninstalled the asi manger installments in openiv the game would start, then i reinstalled the asi manager installments in openiv and the game would crash on the loading screen. then i just uninstalled and reinstalled openiv plus all the asi manager installments in openiv and now everything works.

  • i never removed scripthookv i only messed with openiv and its asi manager installations "asi loader, openiv.asi, open camera.

  • @shadowofd3ath21 packfile-limit-adjuster has been updated.

  • @JohnFromGWN awesome...i only had menyoo and enable all interiors so i think my issue was different from that packfile issue...id still like to know what the hell my issue actually was lol...atleast im up and running

  • @shadowofd3ath21 I have the same problem as you, my friend.

    And I'm sorry to say, I'm really tired of it already.

    I got the new SHV5, updated the dlclist.xml, installed the new packfile limiter, and it won't start.

    I don't remember if I'm missing something, but I'll leave it like this for now, I don't feel like fighting with this again and again.

    I also did what you said with OpenIV, but it didn't work for me.

  • @shadowofd3ath21 From my own tests, it doesn't matter what you had installed as mods. The update didn't like the existing packfile-limit-adjuster and that would cause it to crash.

    All you needed was dinput8.dll and packfile-limit-adjuster and your game would crash.

    What im curious about is if certain users didn't experience issues with this combination.

    Of course the best choice to make is revert, that ends all issues, including future ones, unless Rockstar somehow manages to modify their launcher specifically to end modding.

    And the best platform is Steam for its ease of reverting. And in a worst case scenario there are Steam Emulators.

  • @Fabito48hd your problem is possibly by updating dlclist.xml. Remove the new dlc from it.

    The unresolved issue was only with packfile-limit-adjuster. That's fixed, so every game is now fixable or you end this issue for good by reverting.

    If you absolutely need their crap new cars, you can convert them to addons if you have problems.

  • @JohnFromGWN Hi friend, can you tell me what the new dlc is?

    These are the last lines of my dlclist.


    But now I'm not sure which ones belong to the new DLC.

    I have a backup of my dlclist lines of the mods, but not the whole file.

  • @Fabito48hd

    That should be it. If you go into dlcpacks from Windows Explorer, you can sort by date modified, and those are the 4 dlcpacks that appear.

    Make sure to install the packfile upgrade although the author himself said it wasn't tested thoroughly.

    I don't understand why people just end the drama and revert back.

    If you want to play GTAO, with new content, you just swap one file back, GTA5.exe from the update.

    To play modded SP without issues, you swap your reverted GTA5.exe back.

    Best of both worlds for those who still want GTAO.

    As for SP guys who want the new content, well update your game and it will be there. Just revert GTA5.exe. I don't want the update but it is downloaded given Steam forced me too. But it's not in my dlclist so it won't load unless i choose to do so.

  • probably game config issue I know that's my issue and that's all I'm waiting on so that brings me to

    Does anyone know where to get a copy of Rage V2628 ... to revert back to while waiting on Gameconfig for V2699 all i need is a copy of RAGE V2628 and I'm good, forgot to back that up this time around

  • @Neo1 search these forums, there is a link someone posted not too long ago.

  • @JohnFromGWN nice could you point me in the right direction help me find it some please and thank you. I'm looking now but I'm guessing I have Togo through tons of pages to find it. I have been literally searching the web for about 13 hrs. give or take smh no dice !! this is the closest I have been

  • @JohnFromGWN how you do that, that fast? I can't find a decent search option style aside from the google search bar that idk if I'm using clearly. would like to know how to properly search though! to see if a solution is here

    Also, the links are for older versions of rage. he posted the same versions that are on the website, I need the last verson (v2628) before this current update (v2699) so no dice again thank you all the same / what do you use instead of rage

  • @JohnFromGWN
    How do I go about removing the old update from dlclist.xml?
    I’m new to this mods stuff.

  • @ikelove04 sorry,
    Don't understand what you mean by old update, which file, from dlclist.xml.

    Normally you don't remove anything from dlclist.xml after an update, you backup that file and restore it.

  • @JohnFromGWN

    I’m a newbie lol…basically how do I prevent gta from trying to downloading/run future updates?
    Or even downgrade the update version?

  • @ikelove04 quick answer is you can't stop an update without an emulator or other hacks. But the emulator is there to eliminate Steam, not sure if it bypasses the Rockstar launcher, i doubt it can.

    Best bet is Steam. You update once a year, copy over one file, 5 seconds later you're done.
    Unfortunately most people never backup their files so they need to download them on shady sites.


  • @JohnFromGWN
    Thanks for the help

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