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Wake up call?

  • I know i sound like a broken record, a nagging mom, but the current update clearly supports the importance of backing up in case you need to revert.

    When you think of it, there's no reason to update, at least for Steam users, because the updates aren't for modded games. They are strictly for GTAO, which doesn't allow mods.

    For years we've been dependent on the support of Alexander Blade for SH5.

    Today should be a wakeup call because out of nowhere another critical file failed, this one stagnant since 2018, and thankfully @alloc8or was both present and quick to respond.

    Who knows what surprises the next update will bring. A broken OpenIV?

    This is why, take it or leave it, backup your files, particularly GTA5.EXE.

    Im reverted, immune to all these issues, but witness to all the unnecessary grief each update seems to engender.

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