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All plugins keep crashing after yesterday's update

  • Updated to the latest RPH and scripthook , packlimit adjuster as well, but no matter what kind of plugins, just keep crashing on newest version , I have tested them one by one , even a EUP menu will also crash, is this my problm or something else ? Really have no idea about it.

  • @BirdyAplin I think it's your problem, because more ppl would have posted issues. I would disable RPH first to see if that helps. Keep in mind the new packfile has not been tested with all configurations, it just came out. SH5 came out super fast too, which means either minimal changes or minimal testing or both.

  • in that case , i'll just wait for the update and hope for the best...did everything i can do.

  • @BirdyAplin Keep in mind also that usually the gameconfig.xml mods need updating as well.

    But you could disable RPH just to see if your system loads or not - eliminate that variable.

  • well there is a new gameconfig up on lspdfr.com


    solved everything for me, i can play fully modded again.

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