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Mai Shiranui bikini addonped not working

  • I installed it but nothing happens when I select it in-game

  • @akin31 is she on strike? What are her working conditions?

  • @JohnFromGWN I'm sure I installed it correctly, when I select it from the menyoo model changer, it does not react at all.

  • @akin31 do you have more than one mai installed? They can sometimes interfere with each other.

    Also how are you spawning her? Addonpeds mod is outdated garbage. Spawn from your trainer using exactly the same name as the file.

    For example maibikini.ymt, spawn with maibikini. Also make sure you have an entry for her in the metadata file.

  • @JohnFromGWN i guess i installed the wrong mod there is only 1 ytd file

  • @akin31 yes, that explains it. Not the wrong mod, you downloaded a texture replacement for a mai mod.

    The ytd file contains the bikini textures. The instructions will tell which of the mai models to use. That model will contain 4 files, keep 3 and replace the ytd. Then rename all 4 whatever you want. For example rename them bikinimai keeping the extension and use that name for spawning and in the metadata.

  • @akin31 just to be perfectly clear a normal ped has 4 files to cover metadata, 3d model, and textures.

    The file extensions are ymt, yft, ydd, and ytd.

    The ytd file contains textures.

    So if original model was mai.ymt, mai.yft, mai.ydd, and mai.ytd, as an example, copy 3 files to another folder, but not the ytd,

    Then add the ytd file for the bikini and rename all 4 files with the same name, any name, but not mai if you also want original model.

    In passing you can do all 4 in one shot by selecting all 4 and then hitting F2 on onefile and rename.

    Finally you can add a texture to an existing model, instead of having multiple copies, but wait until you're more comfortable modding.

  • @JohnFromGWN thx solved

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