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Openiv wrong textures importing

  • Does anyone know what can cause issues when importing large quantity textures in one file and some of the textures get very blurry and sometimes even change they're own look

  • @THEFalkone not enough information. what is large quantity? do you mean high resolution?

    are these 2D or 3D?

  • @JohnFromGWN for now i am importing 4k textures to cs6_roadsb_roads.ytd and when the file hits size of 100mb the textures get very blurry https://imgur.com/a/sjIlZQd here are some of comparison how it should look like and what it looks like after file reaching 100mb size
    In photos left side is already imported textures and right side is vanilla
    And yes i am 100% sure that i import the correct textures

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