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files permissions

  • i need help ... i use linux, windows only for gta5, until recently i used 7, now new pc with win 10, and a lot of problems ...

    it's already the second time i install, the first once i let windows choose directories, and it shut down, crashed, everything was very slow, mods weren't working etc. now i installed in desktop/gta5/, and everything seems to work a little better (so far), but i think i have file permission issues.

    First, I didn't have complete control over files and folders, and all folders are set to read-only. i can change permissions, but they seem to go back to how they were shortly after and create new problems for me, example mission maker breaks when loading missions, if i remove read-only it works, but after a while it crashes again and i find the folder read-only again ...

    I'm not understanding anything anymore, windows makes me sick ... VIVA LINUX ...

    Can you help me understand what's wrong and how to set the permissions correctly in a definitive way in this damn win 10?

  • Nobody? Please, help!

  • @alebal said in files permissions:

    I'm not understanding anything anymore, windows makes me sick ... VIVA LINUX ...

    Wow. A million people are probably playing GTA5 on Windows right now but you can't figure it out - so blame it on Windows?

    Good luck on your modding journey because the GTA5 installation is the easiest part.

  • It doesn't work...nothing has changed....

    my directories are read-only, I change them, and after a few minutes they are read-only again... something is messing with me...

    Please help

    (I make all these: https://www.gta5-mods.com/users/alebal, https://gta5newmissions.altervista.org/)

  • @alebal And what would you like your folders to be?

    My game is stable asF with hundreds of addons. This is what my folder looks like.

    I have no idea what your issue is but the fact that your folders are read only, well that's because they are read only.

    You'll have to provide a much clearer explanation of what's going on. Keep in mind that the update has screwed up many setups, so all your issues might be due to the update - definitely not to read only.

    alt text

  • then, i formatted windows, the guy who sold me the pc called the user "new owner" and the space in between was creating a lot of mess. Now the whole system seems faster and more stable, and even gta runs much better, especially if i start it as administrator, but i still have problems, for example i can't put gta5 in window, now i'm in full screen, but it's useful for me to use alt+tab when i work on missions and mods, however gta crashes and i get this error.
    alt text

    I also tried to download and install directx again or use directx 10.1 or 10 in gta, but nothing changed... what can it be?

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