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Free Graphics Mods for Low\Medium End PC's 2022???

  • Can't find time to upgrade my specs and honestly just trying to run a decent realistic graphic mod with stable FPS performance

    Throughout this year I tried to run these graphics on my GTX 1060:
    NVR (Natural Vision Remastered) - Good visuals, performance a bit shitty. dont know how it became and still used by many of the GTA community.
    VisualV - meh. some improvements but still generic
    QuantV 2.1.4 - Free and better with Reshade presets
    Redux - What a headache.
    Cinerealism - My #1 choice I think so far.. only the March 2021 version though, the latest Cinerealism is pure garbage.

    If you got any suggestions , help a player out thanks

  • There is VisualVanilla it is very similar to VisualV but you can configure it

  • @vasimontana said in Free Graphics Mods for Low\Medium End PC's 2022???:

    stable FPS performance

    No visual mod will contribute to stability or FPS, in fact expect less stability and lower FPS.

    You're only drinking the kool-aid if you believe these visual enhancement mods will compensate for your PC components. All they do is play with brightness, contrast, and saturation. Those who redo the textures with bigger non optimized files will definitely impact your stability and FPS.

    When it comes to modding, less is more.

    We would all like to drive Ferraris and Lambos, but adding racing stripes on a Hyundai just won't cut it. Same analogy for visual disenchantment mods. Thankfully GTA5 mods are great out of the box.

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