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Free Graphics Mods for Low\Medium End PC's 2022???

  • Can't find time to upgrade my specs and honestly just trying to run a decent realistic graphic mod with stable FPS performance

    Throughout this year I tried to run these graphics on my GTX 1060:
    NVR (Natural Vision Remastered) - Good visuals, performance a bit shitty. dont know how it became and still used by many of the GTA community.
    VisualV - meh. some improvements but still generic
    QuantV 2.1.4 - Free and better with Reshade presets
    Redux - What a headache.
    Cinerealism - My #1 choice I think so far.. only the March 2021 version though, the latest Cinerealism is pure garbage.

    If you got any suggestions , help a player out thanks

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