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Game Crashes to Desktop

  • So I've got a problem where my game crashes back to the desktop when it's loading and doesn't even display any error messages.

    I've updated to the latest Heap Adjuster and gameconfig and also the ScripthookV file so I don't understand why it's doing it.

  • @Illusive-Prime said in Game Crashes to Desktop:

    I've updated to the latest Heap Adjuster

    There are 2 heap limit adjusters and neither has been updated, you need to update the Packfile limit adjuster and wait for an updated gameconfig.xml mod from @F7YO or @Dilapidated. Try one or the other when they are updated.

  • @JohnFromGWN I can play the game in some way. I think the problem lies in my dlcpacks folder in my mods. A small handfull of them are okay to play the game without crashing.

    One of the others that crashes the game is for example, a Buffalo S police pack, when that's in the folder it's crashes the game.

    I've updated my dlclist file with the latest one and the same problem still comes up so I'm still at a lost here lol.

  • @Illusive-Prime don't know what your problem is, but did you update your gameconfig.xml?

  • @JohnFromGWN Yeah, I always try to do that when the game gets an update.

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