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server and mod help

  • message me im looking for help and will pay $$$ to help add mods to my server, real shit no jokes

  • @volcano12 you want to install real shit on your servers? There many of those here, look under players.

  • @JohnFromGWN no i need help. i started a server on fivem and i have been trying for two days to add mods to the server i do not know how to do this and am willing to pay someone to help me and potentially more

  • @volcano12 there are 2 steps.

    1. Put the mod folder in the server folder called resources
    2. Add the folder name to your server.cfg and put start or ensure in front of the folder name.

    For example you dowload a mod in a folder called NiceCar.
    This folder contains a folder called Stream and a file called __resource.lua (fxmanifest.lua) or something similar ending in lua. There might be additional files.

    You place NiceCar in your Resources folder. If you did a vanilla install it is in your server folder. If you used txAdmin it is that folder.

    Then you edit server.cfg.

    You add this line

    Start NiceCar
    Ensure NiceCar

    That's how to install 90% or more of FiveM mods.

  • @JohnFromGWN i can not find resourses file

  • @volcano12 Resources is not a file, it's a folder. It will either be in your server-data folder, exact location will depend on whether you did a vanilla install (like myself) or the easy install with txAdmin.

  • @volcano12 This incredibly good video I just made for you should help.

    If you like the video, subscribe to my channel, tell 10 friends to subscribe as well, like the video, ring the bell or whatever it's called, e-transfer me $5000, support me on Patreon, share this link on Facebook, Instagram, Tik Tok, and whatever other social shit is out there.

  • @volcano12 Once you have found the Resources folder, you can place your mod wherever you want because honestly FiveM doesn't give a crap where you put it. If your folder will have subfolders, for example if you create a folder called Vehicles and want subfolders, put braces like this when you name it [Vehicles].

  • @JohnFromGWN does not work man im trying to tell yall something is up and i need remote acess for it to be fixed and i will pay someone!!!!! i found my fxserver then i click on it and all it says is server (1) then i click on that and it opens a notepad with a totally diffrent language and signs thats it im starting to get more and more aggravated wasteing my two days off and gettign no help

  • @volcano12 If you can't even find the resources folder, would you be open minded enough to take a basic course on Windows?

  • @JohnFromGWN ok bro its nothing to joke about, the files i have downloaded maybe didnt have the right file or was corrupt or wrong, thats y i have been asking for help, when i click on my fxserver folder theres nothing in it so i have been stuck here,

  • @volcano12 Dawg from what I have seen people usually respond better to $$$ help wanted ads if you specify an attractive dollar amount.

  • @volcano12 I wasn't joking bro, if you can't find a windows folder you are going to have one helluva time running an FxServer. That's why I recommend you learn Windows first.

  • @JohnFromGWN Hahaha yeah I think 95% of people would find that price attractive! It would likely cause site overload!! Word would spread quickly! Newcomers joining just to get in on the chance. Even those who don't play GTA V or have a fkn clue how to setup a FiveM server so they would probably learn from your FiveM setup vid lol. In the end will likely finish in a backwards auction type thing bargaining war with the lowest bidder winning.

  • @gtavjamal said in server and mod help:

    Even those who don't play GTA V or have a fkn clue how to setup a FiveM server

    The saddest part is that setting up a FiveM server, if you know how to read and follow instructions, is much easier than installing a mod with OpenIV.

  • @volcano12 If there is nothing in your FxServer - which is the manual part of the installation, it's because you didn't follow the instructions properly.

    I've installed it both ways, the easy txAdmin way first. Then I deleted it and did the real man's way, which is the Vanilla method.

    The instructions on the FiveM page are very easy to follow but I found this video for you if you prefer.

    P.S. you can't click on a Folder and have notepad or any text editor open up. It's impossible.

    Ignore the ads for hosting. If its just for you, you do a local host installation. If it's multiplayer, host wherever you want.

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