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Next generation console content included in PC files, Menyoo able to detect it, but not spawn it.

  • Next gen console data in PC files is hardly news at this point but it seems with the most recent GTAV update Menyoo was able to detect the locked vehicles, but attempting to spawn them instantly crashes my game. I'm not sure if this was always the case and I somehow missed/forgot about it but still interesting. Is it possible to enable it somehow?

    Quick video I recorded documenting it:

  • @Skystrike Gee. Could it be because each of the files are only 1KB? Isn't that sort of a giveaway that these aren't models, but most likely placeholders or maybe just put there to frustrate the shit out of you?

    You can't spawn something that doesn't exist.

    I would write to the president of Take-Two and demand an explanation immediately. If he doesn't respond ask for a full refund of your money. While you're at it, give him shit for breaking the modding environment with each update. Make sure he understands you paid the full $10 for the game and expect the highest level of customer service.

    I'm with you on this one. Start a petition and I'll sign as well.

  • @JohnFromGWN After looking through the files again the models are just blank placeholders which explains why they're instantly crashing games when spawned in. Not really sure why they're not officially added to PC other than stupid exclusivity, even my 8 year old rig can still handle 150+ speeds.

  • @Skystrike you should accept the fact that T2 and Rockstar could not care less about SP and even less about modders.

    They tolerate us, but are too stupid and greedy to realize that the modding community promotes the GTA franchise more than any marketing campaign ever could. They also know that no matter how much they ignore the modding community we will still purchase GTA 6 in 2024 or 2025.

    Even though MP servers are their competition, they have no use for us. We are not their fan base, we are shit to them.

    They won't even throw us a bone, and while I'm sure their employees, particularly the ones who own RAGE, are playing modded themselves, maintaining a working modding environment while they develop updates isn't in their playbook.

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