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Problem with mod

  • Hello. I download new Enhanced fighting animation, but my game does not work. Only write, that loading story mode. Is there someone, who can help me?

  • @sami777 uninstall it.

  • @sami777 said in Problem with mod:

    Enhanced fighting animation

    Updated Enhanced Fighting Animations (WIP) 5.5 yeah?

    if so, have you read the mod author's pinned comment in the comments tab? If not, do that, & head to his discord to update the mod to the latest version yourself.


    • WolfFire23309 (Author)

    "Hello everyone! Feel free to join my discord where I created a Manual-Gameconfig-Edits text channel that gives you everything you need to update the mod to the latest version yourself. I still plan to do this for my own mod and reupload a new file containing the new updated gameconfig here on 5mods, but in case I am busy you can find the edits here: https://discord.gg/SmNGBN47vc"

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