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GTA 5 crashes when entering story mode

  • Hi, I’m running the latest GTA V version which is version (1.61) criminal enterprises and I have the latest script hook v and open IV. First when I installed the latest script hook v gta said a pop up message saying pattern #15 then I installed a game config and it started to crash when loading into story mode?

  • @Los_santos_Customs The latest update broke many things and the extent of the damage is still unknown.

    Go to the mods section and download the updated gameconfig.xml and the heap mod that is recommended for it.
    Then, if you haven't already, install the updated packfile mod - the one that fixed the pattern 15 error.
    That's all you can do for now. Also, don't install more mods and scripts until your game is stable.

  • Okay and how long you think that will take not trying to impatient or anything negative?

  • @Los_santos_Customs Unfortunately I have no idea. My guess is you will need to try new gameconfig mods because it's not one size fits all. Hopefully soon.

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