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Gta 5 crashes when more than 2 mods are installed

  • @MrKristupas
    It's cool, no worries, it's just that your issue has likely never happened before, not exactly like this anyway, where custom gameconfigs are unable to fix it (see more on that below). It pays to be extra thorough in these situations, part of that thorough diagnostic process is me being ultra confident that certain things have been unequivocally ruled out (like resetting 'update.rpf' to vanilla before every new add-on dlc addition. You haven't overtly confirmed whether you have been doing that or not? I'm presuming you have, but that's not the same as me 100% knowing that you have :thumbsup:)


    Just wondering why there is no 'patchday27g9ecng' in your 'dlclist.xml'?

    custom gameconfig.xml:

    Sounds like @bmw740il has the same, or at least a very similar issue to you. In F7YO's gameconfig comments page here, he said:


    "Vehfuncs is 1 mod not working after new update. This gameconfig only works with max 2 car addon mods. I have oround 14 files in dlclist that are not cars but building, car sounds etc. they work fine. But adding 3 car addon mods to the list game crash. Packfile limit adjuster is obsolete not working or helping more mods to load after the new update by RSG"

    Maybe contact @bmw740il (green circle with three little white dots > 'Start new chat with...' etc) & see if he has any insight/solution/ideas/info?

    In light of the possibility that more than just one person is affected by this. If I had to guess, I would say the custom gameconfigs available right now (or F7YO's one at least, so try others you can find) don't fix all of the potential issues created by the new patch (not for everyone anyway). That or the prerequisites for his (& potentially other mod author's) new gameconfig/s (see below) are not being installed afresh (once updated) or still need updating by their own mod author etc.

    F7YO has listed all these mods linked below as quote "Important!!!! " requirements/prerequisites for his newest gameconfig:


    I can't comment on how essential they all are (contact F7YO for exact details on that), but try them out none the less, they need ruled out (& likely quicker than waiting for a reply). :thumbsup:

    Additionally, can you confirm whether or not it's purely vehicle add-ons alone that cause your issue (like @bmw740il said, his 14x building/sound add-ons are unaffected), or for you is it caused by adding any 3 add-ons, even non-vehicle ones?

    If it turns out you both have identical issues caused by the patch, that raises your chances of finding a quicker solution tenfold & if we can nail this particular issue down to add-on vehicles/vehicle dlc's only, that will help a lot in where to look next. :thumbsup:

    Diagnostic Information Gathering:

    If none of the above works or elucidates anything, I'd like to know what results you get with a 'dlclist.xml' that looks like this?:


    		<!-- add 3x new random add-ons here... -->
    		<!-- ...here... -->
    		<!-- ...& here etc -->
    • After you've tested your modded gameconfig, I'd also like you to test it with the vanilla gameconfig as well & see if there's any difference in results?

    'dlcpacks' Install Location:

    If the majorly cutdown 'nothing loaded from the normal (mods\update\x64\dlcpacks) location' 'dlclist.xml' above, combined with either, your modded or vanilla gameconfig, doesn't achieve anything, I'd like to know whether installing 3 add-ons to:

    ...\Grand Theft Auto V\mods\x64w.rpf\dlcpacks\

    instead of:

    ...\Grand Theft Auto V\mods\update\x64\dlcpacks\

    makes any difference to the results?

    Continue to use the cutdown dlclist data I posted above for this alternate 'dlcpacks' location part as well. ie Don't load anything from the normal '\update\x64\dlcpacks' location while testing the 'x64w.rpf' location. :thumbsup:

    Try the add-on names like this (ie with 'platform:/' at the start of them) if it doesn't work doing it the normal way:


  • i have the same issue but for me its 0 mods that i can install

  • @a63nt-5m1th I tried resetting update.rpf last time then it didn't work i reinstalled the game deleting everything for some reason packfile limit adjuster crashes my game immediately after launch i will try the diagnostic later when i will be home im on vacation rn so i can't check

  • @MrKristupas
    Getting a lot of reports of behaviour like that, things suddenly breaking halfway through testing something else, even reinstalls that don't work/are instantly broken etc. Seems like something is causing the game to be mega unstable. Could very well be that it's all the same issue, just everyone's results vary slightly depending on their exact setup or the damage caused is a bit random or some such. Only time will tell.
    No worries, enjoy the rest of your vacation :thumbsup:

  • @a63nt-5m1th As this game from 2013, simply ported to PC in 2015, endures update after update it's not unexpected that the infrastructure (SH5, packfile limit adjusters, heap limit adjusters etc) created by a small group of experts back circa 2015 can longer support the game - a game never designed to be modded in the first place, and certainly not to the extent it is today.

    Maybe it's time for the community to bite the bullet and revert back, a solution with very little drawbacks especially if future mods are written to be backwards compatible.

    Both SH5 and the packfile limit adjusters were rushed out - to stop the whining - and it's very likely they were never rigorously tested or its sadly and simply that they've outlived their purpose due to so many changes to the game engine.

    My game is fully updated and will run without mods as expected, as delivered by Rockstar. However, for modding purposes, to have an issue free GTA environment I chose to revert back to 2372 and never looked back. When I say revert, I mean the GTA5.exe and only that file is required.

    Can I still play online. Of course, but I don't and I won't.
    Can I use the new DLC? Yep, I just need to repackage it. But I don't want it.

    Finally, there are the 10,000 other issues and combination of issues which explain why some gamers are SOL and will never play modded unless they update their hardware and software. Case in point, the user who had swapped his AMD (with shit drivers) card for an Nvidia one (with decent drivers) and it finally solved his problem.

    Then there are the mysteries that are specific to each individual and their setups. For me, as an example, the Nico Bellic ped mod which is so popular with thousands of downloads will crash my game instantly. Why? I don't know, I don't really care. Very likely because I already have a Trevor replacement in place. Do I have any other peds installed. I have five addonped folders each with 4 rpfs and about 20 peds in each - not all full but let's say well over 300 peds without issues.

    If you remember when we first met, I posted about dirt particles appearing all over my screen - and on 2 different PCs with 2 different cards and monitors. You kindly removed the particles for me but as it turned out it was the wind - and it could not be fixed from Menyoo, I had to write a script to stop the wind and those annoying particles.

    I recently installed FIveM and the particles were back! I replaced the vanilla ones with the files you had kindly provided (FiveM doesn't use the mods folder) and it did not fix the issue. I had to write my first FiveM script (easy enough) just to turn off the wind. Again, trainers won't do it for some reason.

    Why me? I mean I googled the crap out of that issue and never got a hit. I did notice it on a few Youtube videos, unrelated, where i noticed the particles.

    And finally. The user who has "tried everything and failed" doesn't understand what systematic means with respect to troubleshooting. It's more like throw a handful of shit at the wall and it should stick. So i reformatted my HDD, reinstalled Windows 8, added Linux, changed my monitor, emulated the N64, installed only with OIVs, then I took dinput8.dll from system32 and replaced the asiloader in my root folder because this video in hindi told me that was the fix.

    Yeah, all that should help.


  • @JohnFromGWN
    Definitely a lot of diagnostic chaff floating about atm. My favourite is the 'edit 'version.txt' one' lol

    @meerty @MrKristupas

    Unconfirmed reports of this (below) fixing some people's games:

    • There's no overt confirmation (from someone who's skill I know & trust anyway) that this will defo work, just rumblings around the internet/a few people mentioning it (or variations of this process) in various forums/comments pages etc. Easy enough to test/rule out tho, so I figured worth mentioning.

    Before diving into any diagnostic information gathering (as per previous posts etc), try this (if not ruled out already):

    • Delete 'update2.rpf' from 'mods' folder (back it up if modded/edited)
    • Copy the 1.0.2699 vanilla 'update2.rpf' over into your 'mods' folder (depending on the state of your game, perhaps a fresh clean 'mods' folder worth trying here. See 'Fresh 'mods' folder:' below on that)
    • Test load the game with the 1.0.2699 vanilla gameconfig installed & then experiment with the 1.0.2699 custom gameconfigs available atm for further launches of the game (start with F7YO's one, but depending on results, try others too).
    • If you find stability somewhere in that^, proceed to add mods/dlcs/add-ons etc one at a time & see how the game reacts.


    • The important part is the creation of a new (& ideally integrity verified) 1.0.2699 vanilla 'update2.rpf' in your 'mods' folder.
    • Also, test load the game a few times after each change, just to make sure your results are consistent & you didn't just get lucky/unlucky with a random successful load of the game/random one off crash etc.

    Fresh 'mods' folder:

    Following that^ kind of approach, who here has rebuilt their 'mods' folder afresh using the vanilla files supplied with 1.0.2699? Especially, 'update.rpf' & 'update2.rpf', but possibly other '.rpf's s well? (ie nothing ported over from your old (pre-1.0.2699) 'mods' folder. Everything recreated anew etc).

    Again, easy enough to test: (a quick initial test anyway, & as long as you have enough hdd space ofc)

    Basic Steps:

    • Rename your 'mods' folder temporarily
    • Create a new one in it's place
    • Copy fresh vanilla 1.0.2699 files into newly created 'mods' folder (in the correct location ofc, probably only need 'update.rpf' & 'update2.rpf' for an initial test. Do them separately if you want to be thorough)
    • Test load game with the 1.0.2699 vanilla gameconfig & then custom gameconfig/s etc
    • If it loads up & appears stable, start to activate your mods in a meaningful & careful manner (ie one mod at a time) & see how the game holds up as you progress etc.

    Make backups at every step (like every single step, backing up the whole '.rpf' is often easiest (hdd space allowing)), then if you encounter a crash/infinite load screen/other issues etc, revert files back to what worked & test again. If you get confusing results, or an issue persists through reverting your changes by 1 step etc, revert back a couple of steps (or more, if needed) instead, & test again. Basically, be thorough & only progress once you're 100% confident your current game is free of issues. :thumbsup:

  • @a63nt-5m1th said in Gta 5 crashes when more than 2 mods are installed:

    Copy fresh vanilla 1.0.2699 files into newly created 'mods' folder (in the correct location ofc, probably only need 'update.rpf' & 'update2.rpf' for an initial test. Do them separately if you want to be thorough)

    Can't hurt given the OpenIV nag applies to update.rpf and not update2.rpf. Consequently most users will never have an updated copy of update2.rpf. However is it necessary given a mod folder doesn’t require any vanilla files other than update.rpf, including dlcpacks which can be renamed and placed outside the update folder. Mine is called simply DLC and is located in the root.

    On a side note how common are these issues? We know YouTube will thrive on issues like this one, offering bullshit solutions such as replacing the asiloader with the dinput8.dll from system32. Ive browsed the Steam discussions, a toxic MP community, and just saw general issues with associated conjectural idiotic solutions and very few mentions on the gtaforums.

    I enjoy the detective part of troubleshooting but at some point, given both the current situation and trends, its time to throw in the towel and revert. I don't see any reason to update SP, well not for myself. In 2 years we'll be bitching about GTA6 updates.

  • @a63nt-5m1th

    Ofc there is also the timing issue.

    1. Install gameconfig.xml mod, freshly updated for Criminal Enterprise, in OpenIV
    2. Notice OpenIV warning that update.rpf needs updating if not all hell will break loose
    3. Follow OpenIV advice and proceed with update
    4. Post frustration on forums that gameconfig doesn't help, not realizing OpenIV replaced modded one with vanilla.

  • @a63nt-5m1th ive made a new mods folder like 3 times and it didnt fix my problem.

  • @meerty which site did you download the game from?

  • Partly I have come to realise that 99% of the problems we see are due to a lack of knowledge about installing mods.

    And that's dangerous, because you can end up with a very serious problem.

    I've always been very cautious when modding something, I read a lot, I ask people who know, and I make small changes always making backups.

    I have not been problem free, I have crashed my game ten thousand times, but I just revert the changes and move on.

    My only advice to those who are awkward like me, is to never install anything by automatic methods (.oiv) and be careful what files you change and save the original first.

    When there is an update and my game doesn't work, I only have to make 2 or 3 changes and everything works again, either by reverting the game as John says, or installing just what I need.

  • @Fabito48hd said in Gta 5 crashes when more than 2 mods are installed:

    Partly I have come to realise that 99% of the problems we see are due to a lack of knowledge about installing mods.

    Ideally you get to the point, through knowledge and experimentation and just overall experience, that you never post an issue again about the game not working.

    There is so much bullshit out there, and occasionally on these forums, however - particularly the Youtube 100% fix videos.

    People don't understand the basics, don't do things step by step.

    When I hear "I've done that 10 times already and it doesn't work", well the definition of insanity, right?
    "doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results."

    Even the mod creators recommend bullshit - you need this and this and this and this....no you don't.

    For stability you need a gameconfig.xml, pack, and heap. Period.

    As you add maps etc, no boundaries and possibly others. But the more you add, the more you will get issues.

    The other issue is that many of the users with problems have outdated pirated games - they will rarely admit it and they will rarely get their games to work.

  • @Fabito48hd said in Gta 5 crashes when more than 2 mods are installed:

    My only advice to those who are awkward like me, is to never install anything by automatic methods (.oiv) and be careful what files you change and save the original first.

    OIVs are a recipe for disaster. Once installed good luck going back and reverting manually.

    I would add to your advice, for beginners in particular, keep a log (in notepad or wherever) of the changes you make, because 99% of the time it is a change that screws up your system. The change can be a simple as adding one new mod, not closing a tag in dlclist.xml or, more mysterious, the result of changing your graphics card.

    And yes, BACKUP. A backup allows you to undo changes quickly, without reinstalling or doing a verify integrity - but you need to keep track of your changes and ideally do one at a time.

    Once more with experience, you'll get to the point where the advice above is no longer needed because you'll know exactly what to do and where to do it (but still backing up ofc).

    I'm at the point where I don't believe anything could keep me from playing modded other than forced online authentication by Steam - if that ever happened.

  • @JohnFromGWN I got it from instant gaming but i use rgl for it

  • @meerty we all use rgl, so essentially your game version is a digital download version of the retail version without the disks, so unlike Steam you'll continually be forced to update.

  • but how come my game worked fine before the update? @JohnFromGWN

  • @meerty the simple answer is because it was before the update.

    Fact is, unfortunately, each new update poses new challenges for modders because it breaks functionalities unexpectedly and consistently.

    And they seem to be getting worse. The previous one, The Contract, broke interior collisions, this latest one (The Criminal Enterprises) impacted RAGE packages at the very least. I have no idea what a pattern error is and no one has come forward with an explanation. This was the first time the packfile mod failed.

    The worst part is that the GTA5 updates don't even offer anything for SP, just more garbage for GTAO.

    Why is the game breaking? The conspiracy contingent will say it's happening intentionally, by design, by Rockstar or its parent as part of a nefarious scheme to end modding.

    The whiners will also curse Rockstar because they need someone to blame, they have no idea how to fix their game, ask but don't follow advice, and swear they will never give R* another penny, as if Rockstar cares.

    The truth probably lies somewhere in between.

    My own theory, i'll call it the mileage syndrome for lack of a better term, is that the game engine and functions have evolved, at the very least have changed, over the last 9 (console release) or 7 years (PC port), to the point where the great tools we had are now nearing the end of their life cycles. A critical point in time where minor tweaks to SH5 and the limit adjusters no longer cut it, a time when major overhauls might be required but without the resources to effect those changes, well not for free.

    Anyone familiar with the evolution of MS Windows knows full well that backwards compatibility is a pipe dream. There is no guarantee that old software from say Win95 can still run on Win11, or even Win 8 for that matter.

    Even video card drivers need constant updating, not because of conspiracies, because the world of gaming is fluid and evolving like everything else.

    Those of us on the Steam platform can thankfully freeze time, personally I stayed at 1.57 (2372), the Los Santos Tuner update. Incredibly stable and the best part is you no longer any need to update gameconfig.xml, packfile, and heap mods. No need to wait for SH5 either. Best of all each new update is a now a non event.

    I don't know where that leaves those who can't stop updates, well until we all graduate to GTA6 and hope a new generation of programmers will support it as well.

  • @JohnFromGWN
    Yeah, that was my thought, no prompt from OpenIV to update 'update2.rpf' might allow it to sneak past people unnoticed & unpatched & potentially cause an issue etc.

    @JohnFromGWN said in Gta 5 crashes when more than 2 mods are installed:

    However is it necessary

    It's not essential, but I wanted a focus put on 'update2.rpf' as it has been mentioned a lot, related to potential solutions to certain issues, at least for some users. Just wanted it in people's view, hopefully someone plays about with it & get's me some valid info back, maybe we get lucky etc).

    @JohnFromGWN said in Gta 5 crashes when more than 2 mods are installed:

    how common are these issues?

    It's hard to tell. The thing that initially made this update/patch standout to me as potentially unique in some way tho, & what peaked my interest (I usually bug out at patch time, lets face it, it ain't fun for anyone :rolling_eyes: ) is that I've had a few very capable mod authors & experienced modders contact me about it. I know them well enough to know their capability (going back years in some cases) & they have the skillset to fix any ordinary update/patch issues/'mods' folder diagnosis etc no problem. Just seemed a little statistically unusual :thinking: & worthy of further investigation etc (albeit subjective, skilled modder friends etc don't usually contact me after a patch, that is totally unprecedented etc).

    Could well be that the update process was just a little flaky initially & caused problems that are now resolved by most. Have to wait for people to get back to me on that/too early to tell anything conclusively at this point.

    Going from the only information I have at my disposal atm (however unreliable), people seem to have one or more of these issues:

    • Crashes (tells us nothing really, without further specific user info/could easily be non-patch related etc)
    • Infinite loading (slightly more interesting that just crashing, but as above, further info required/can't rule out standard non-patch related issue etc)
    • No add-on dlcs loading (possibly related to below/just that some users haven't tested reducing the number of dlcs & found a threshold yet (if one exists for them etc), also could be non-patch related, can't rule it out).
    • Add-on dlcs are limited to only being able to add a few (appears to be 2 dlc limit atm) & custom gameconfig's don't fix it (somewhat unusual/uncommon issue worthy of investigation, given custom gameconfig does not fix etc).

    Still need it confirmed whether it's any dlc, or just vehicle ones the apparent restriction applies to & whether people perhaps have different limits or are always 2x dlc etc. That's what I'm investigating here, that very tiny limit (2 dlc etc) that has been imposed on @MrKristupas & some others that the new custom gameconfig's appear not to fix. :thumbsup:

    Perhaps you might try loading just a vanilla 'dlclist.xml' & see if your game loads that? If it does, then add back in custom dlc one at a time to see whether a limit exists. Basically, try & confirm for me whether your issue is the same as the op's (MrKristupas) & that you are limited to loading just 2 (or similar number of) add-on vehicle dlcs?
    If you don't have a very low dlc limit imposed, you're better off creating your own thread to deal with your specific issue (or at the very least find threads that specifically reference your exact issue). It just gets too confusing & messy diagnosing separate issues within the same thread & if yours is in fact a 'no mods work whatsoever' issue, there are a miriad of things that could cause that, it really needs it's own dedicated thread.
    A solution for your issue can likely be found, but it's normal for patch introduced issues/normal issues occuring at the same time as a patch to take a lot longer to resolve. It's total :poop:, but you'll just have to wait around until the GTA V modding community has a better idea of what is going on & what this patch has potentially done etc.

    The best thing you can do when you create that thread is provide a very detailed account of:

    • the mods you have installed (inc. add-ons, scripts (in scripts folder), scripts & such in main GTA V root folder ('.asi/.dll' usually etc)
    • the tests you have conducted (like testing a vanilla gameconfig & confirming whether your game works with that or not etc)
    • Anything else you have tried & the results you got from it etc

    It's better that you provide more info than is needed, than not enough info. So, don't spare the keyboard. Be as thorough as you possibly can. :thumbsup:

    General Info/Areas of Interest Concerning Patch 1.0.2699 for Anyone with Any Issues:

    Packfile Limit Adjuster:

    The patch breaking Packfile Limit Adjuster adds another variable into the mix this time also (especially given how popular & often vital it is & that the new one isn't thoroughly tested etc). Best way I could see to begin diagnosing without that as a variable, would be for people to get their games to a state where Packfile Limit Adjuster is no longer required to be installed & thus, remove it from their 'Grand Theft Auto V' root folder while conducting initial tests. Then, once initial game stability/testing etc has been completed/potential issues there found & resolved etc, it can be reintroduced, if required, & any Packfile Limit Adjuster specific issues (if indeed any exist) diagnosed on their own etc.


    F7YO 'Backup' Gameconfig
    Something to be aware of. The F7YO backup file (in the 'Backup' folder within his 30th July (9 days ago) upload) is not a backup of the vanilla 1.0.2699 'gameconfig.xml', but an earlier game version. Those reverting, & using that file to do so (after having issues etc), may inadvertently be introducing a new variable into their diagnostic results.

    This new pool arrived with the new patch & is a variable I can't account for. It's never appeared in any previous vanilla 'gameconfig.xml':

                                <PoolSize value="64"/>

    Unlikely that it's the root of any issues, as it appears to be multiplayer related, but can't rule it out completely. Some reports of people finding success reverting to F7YO's previous 'Gta Config v28 for v 1.0.2612' gameconfig could potentially account for 'SyncedScenesMP' not being there in that older gameconfig version, perhaps (ie probably nothing, but worth ruling out none the less).

    Ignoring 'SyncedScenesMP', the other values that have changed are:

    F7YO gameconfig (values changed in F7YO 1.0.2699 compared to F7YO 1.0.2612):




    (single '<NumInstances' value changed)


    F7YO's download contains 42 separate 'gameconfig.xml' files for 1.0.2699 (so I'm not listing all exact value changes. I just quickly compared the 'Stock Traffic (Means Gta base)' ones from their respective 'For More Mods' folders).


    Just a file of note, something to keep an eye on as it has been mentioned a lot by people having various issues over the last week or so (mostly in regard to fixing dlc limit/mods not working issues, but occasionally others too). Just because of that, & the ease with which one could diagnose issues relating to 'update2.rpf', it's worth ruling out in whatever way one can conceive:


    • Make sure if it's in your 'mods' folder that it's up to date (ie use the 1.0.2699.0 vanilla one, not older etc, rebuild it if you have to etc)
    • Verify game integrity (even if you have reinstalled since having issues)
    • Remove it from your 'mods' folder (if you have it there normally etc) as a test
    • Anything else you think of etc

    I don't think we are anywhere near a solution to potential patch issues. The ones that do actually exist & can in time be separated from standard/normal 'mods' folder issues I mean. Too much of it is still guesswork. I would need a lot more accurate info to get anywhere near making any assumptions about what might be causing any apparent issues.
    All I have done here really, is scour the internet with a focus on quantity & continuity of posted results & draw up some potential avenues of research. The continuity of data has been high, I'll give it that, especially as regards 'update2.rpf', so no harm in ruling it out at least, given it should be reasonably quick to do. :thumbsup:

    @JohnFromGWN said in Gta 5 crashes when more than 2 mods are installed:

    graduate to GTA6

    Just as a little aside, I thought, "Ooh, I wonder how long it will be until I could potentially mod GTA VI to a standard I would find acceptable?" (ie full file edit access in OpenIV etc). Gonna be ~2030 (say GTA VI releases 2025, & then potentially ~5yrs for OpenIV team to give us full access etc). That's a way longer timescale than I had in my head! lol. Ok :thinking:, RDR2 modding it is then.

  • @a63nt-5m1th said in Gta 5 crashes when more than 2 mods are installed:

    It's not essential, but I wanted a focus put on 'update2.rpf' as it has been mentioned a lot, related to potential solutions to certain issues, at least for some users. Just wanted it in people's view, hopefully someone plays about with it & get's me some valid info back, maybe we get lucky etc).

    That's an excellent point. Update.rpf is not your garden variety rpf file and OpenIV i'm assuming recognizes that. However we don't know how OpenIV handles Update2.rpf as it was never around.

    My environment is not typical, so you might want to test this yourself, but OpenIV does not load Update2.rpf based on my log file.

    Edit: with Update2.rpf in my mods folder, and the game started and closed successfully the log file doesn't show any mention of loading this package (there are over 984 mentions of update.rpf).

    So potentially OpenIV does not recognize Update2.rpf or will not load its rpf files because they are not dlc.rpf. Of course I could be wrong, but still something to consider because while OpenIV does take into account non rpf files such as xml and metadata, it's primary purpose (i'm talking OpenIV.asi ofc) is to load rpf files such as addon and replace mods.

    alt text

  • @a63nt-5m1th said in Gta 5 crashes when more than 2 mods are installed:

    The best thing you can do when you create that thread is provide a very detailed account of:

    This user, @Squirrelz, got it right. This should be the gold standard, or pretty close, for how to ask for help. Sure it's missing some key details, but what an improvement on the usual "Please help me Fix. Game broken. HELPPPPPP"

  • @a63nt-5m1th said in Gta 5 crashes when more than 2 mods are installed:

    Ignoring 'SyncedScenesMP', the other values that have changed are:

    It would also be prudent, when attempting to stablize a broken game, to ignore @F7YO's advice to install 4 additional mods which are not updated and absolutely unnecessary for most modded games, particularly when troubleshooting a basic modded game.

    All that is required for testing is the gameconfig, heap, and packfile mods. In passing neither of the 2 existing heap mods are updated, ofc only one is required.

    Keep it simple until game is stable, then add whatever you want is my advice.

    Side note: i got the update to work perfectly without those 4 additional mods and even considered staying with the update until i tested for collisions. After falling through the floor of the first MLO, it was f*** this, im reverting, and yeah im aware, I even documented the collision fixes, but not going there. 2372 forever.

    As for GTA6, if the conspiracy nuts are right, the engine will no longer support modding as we know it. If they are lazy and keep the engine, we might shorten those timelines. The real question is the overall quality when we take into account how bad the trilogy was and most importantly, IMO, how sanitized the game gets, woke sanitized.

    If the trailer for GTA6 has the protagonist minority female say "Golly gee, would you mind sir if I borrow your car" instead of beating the crap out of the driver, im outta here.

  • @JohnFromGWN
    I do have 'update2.rpf' in my 'OpenIV.log' (must be your atypical environment or something)

    update2 OpenIV.log

    Oh yeah, that's gold standard, nice one @Squirrelz :thumbsup:

    By the by, I've tested the new patch on 2 different machines now, my own & also a friends (so, updating an already modded game & then installing my mods to a previously completely unmodded game, & I got none of the aforementioned issues running mods. 1.0.2699 looks pretty stable to me, I can't find any obvious issues with it (I only have my own maps (just adding props) & no MLOs installed).

    I did have a few CTD's (no error), but only while I was testing the limits & deliberately doing things that were likely to crash the game (like leaving my old 'update.rpf' installed, or installing half my modded files (so stuff was missing) etc), but no infinite loading or dlc limit to be found (tested ~65 add-ons active at the same time, mostly vehicles, they all loaded fine).

    @JohnFromGWN said in Gta 5 crashes when more than 2 mods are installed:

    Keep it simple until game is stable

    That's the order of the day. I can't diagnose any of the aforementioned issues first-hand & gain any info that way anyway :/ (was hoping I would get at least one of the issues to pop up, but it was not to be).

  • @a63nt-5m1th said in Gta 5 crashes when more than 2 mods are installed:

    I do have 'update2.rpf' in my 'OpenIV.log' (must be your atypical environment or something)

    Very strange. Yes my environment is definitely atypical in that my dlcpacks are in my root folder and my GTA5.exe is 2372. All other files are updated in the games folder.

    I'll try updating 2372 from my backup.

  • @a63nt-5m1th
    OK. this is kinda strange, can't explain it easily.

    I upgraded GTA5.exe to 2699.
    Upgraded Packfile limit adjuster mod.
    Update SH5
    Did NOT update gameconfig.xml (too lazy)

    Result? Game loads perfectly, stable with all mods. Then when I checked the OpenIV log file, this time Update2.rpf was there. Obviously it's not Packfile mod which changed anything.

    This leaves either SH5 or GTA5.exe as the files that told OpenIV "load Update2.rpf biatch".

    One interesting detail. I've written a few times that gameconfig.xml is not a magic bullet, that each mod is different, blah blah blah etc. Well guess what folks, my game runs stable (updated to 2699) with the gameconfig.xml from 2372.

    P.S. I'm still reverting back to 2372 given the collision inside MLOs missing.
    P.P.S. For those wondering my they're having so many problems and I can easily update mine?
    Reason is simple I don't install any scripts (other than my own) and no asi (other than the essentials) and definitely no visual garbage mods.
    So just vehicles and peds, shitloads of them, and about a dozen scripts and LemonUI mods I scripted.
    Not saying you shouldn't install tons of missions and other stuff, just saying remove that stuff while troubleshooting.

  • Sux for those who are at the mercy of updates.

    Real nice of you guys to test all this out especially if not for personal use.

    I wonder how many would do the same for you if they were able??

    Ftr. I'm fortunate in that I have zero interest in GTA V update DLC, GTO, FiveM fk all dat bs lol. PC SP mods are the literally only reason I play GTA V.

    Anyway thanks guys for your trouble.

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