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Game Config Help

  • So I'm downloading game config and once again i dont know what to do because most help tutorials and everything you actually need to mod are way outdated and im new to this.
    -I'm installing f7y0s gameconfig for the ability to have more mods "specifically vehicle's"
    -Problem is most videos showing how to do it only show that you need to also download packfile adjuster and heap adjuster. but when you go on f7y0s download page it says in the description you need way more than that now...for example in the videos it was just heap adjuster and packfile adjuster now it also wants...
    - /tools/ymap-load-list-extent-limit-fix-fwboxstreamervariable-patch
    - / scripts/zolikapatch-v-hq-reflections-crash-fixes-more
    - / tools/cweaponinfoblob-limit-adjuster
    - / scripts/sirensetting-limit-adjuster
    My question is if I only want the ability to add more than 2 modded cars while having open all interiors on as well, do I need all this other stuff? And what would the other stuff be for exactly.
    Oh and upon reading the comment section of the new updated gameconfig it seems everyone is having issues with that now as well so is that also something I should be concerned about while trying to do this with outdated video tutorials?

    On a positive note this site and its forums have been very helpful, and thanks to everyone who has offered me your knowledge and wisdom with very fast response time.

  • @shadowofd3ath21

    No you don't need all that crap unless you encounter an issue with reflections, weapons, or your sirens go off during the night.
    If you're going to mod, there are reliable tutorials on this site. Youtube is a mixed bag, some good, some total fiction.

    There are 3 mods that will ensure your game is stable: gameconfig.xml, packfile limit adjuster, and one (not both) of the heap mods. Choose the heap mod recommended by the creator of your selected gameconfig mod.

    As you increase your modding environment, and you likely will, the no boundaries mod is essential as well.

    The videos you watch may be total crap but the installation of the mods above doesn't change - the installation is never outdated. Gameconfig.xml goes in update.rpf with your dlclist.xml. The other 2 (asi files) go in the root folder. Always has been like that, always will.

    As for Open Interiors - it is hit or miss.

    Finally, the update broke lots of setups so be patient and eventually things will get sorted out. We are not in a steady state yet. Read about this here.

    For more info read this:


    and this:

  • @JohnFromGWN thanks again man you're always quick with an answer, much appreciated...yeah i just went ahead and did it all trial and error and yes i dont need all that other crap and it was easy enough

  • @JohnFromGWN how do i change game configs? do i just grab another file and drag it in like the original? like say i wanted .5 traffic instead of normal. will dragging in the new file replace or is there something else i need to do

  • @shadowofd3ath21 exactly. You go in OpenIV, mine is always in edit mode, and drag and drop.

    Personally, i prefer to delete the existing file first because OpenIV does not provide an alert for a drag and drop replacement.

    Also, best to use the basic or normal traffic in gameconfig.xml first.

    On a personal note, i update my game and then revert back by overwriting GTA5.exe with the version from 2372. I never update my mods folder files with updated game files.

    Im one of the few modders who never encounters update issues for that reason.

    I would also encourage Epic and retail users who can't revert but would like to, to bite the bullet and purchase the Steam version which is the most flexible. It forces an update once and let's you revert.

    Based on current trends, for example the pattern 15 issue, updates are going to potentially break even more modded games and I wouldn't be surprised if they design GTA6 so that it can't be modded to kill the MP competition.

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